AMSTERDAM — Akamai is gearing up to roll out a new suite of analytics in the next few weeks to help media companies analyze video viewing behavior in greater depth.

We caught up with Noreen Hafez, Senior Product Marketing Manager, at the IBC Show in Amsterdam for details.

Already, Akamai relies on its Media Analytics offering to track user behavior and also quality of service for media companies so they can assess and optimize the performance of their broadband video. Later this month or in early October, the company will roll out Viewer Diagnostics that will offer a deep dive into how viewers behave with specific videos, from the devices used to the geographic location to completion rate for different types of ads, Hafez explains in this video interview.

"[Media companies] can automate these reports, help figure out how to market, how to customize content, what their audience is interested in," she tells us. 

Moving to the Cloud

Known as a content delivery network (CDN), now the fastest growing part of its business is Internet-based cloud services, says Akamai's Chief Scientist tells AllThingsD's Arik Hasseldahl in this Q&A.

Daisy Whitney