As it aims to expands its reach as a real-time media buying video platform, TubeMogul said it hired Paul Joachim as chief revenue officer late last week. We caught up with Joachim in one of his first video interviews in his new role and he shared his vision for growth with Beet.TV.

Brands want transparency, safe places to run ads and cost efficiencies, Joachim says in the interview. He adds that he expects anywhere from 40% to 60% of video ad buying to be handled in this real-time fashion via exchanges. "My view is you will see more buying this way and it'll be difficult for companies that aren't providing this level of transparency."

He also talked about TubeMogul's growth targets for the year and efforts to reach out to agencies and trading desks in the video interview. TubeMogul's focus on its media buying platform is part of its effort to move beyond its beginnings as a one-stop distribution service for video producers. However, TubeMogul still offers video upload services through OneLoad.

Daisy Whitney