New video destination MyPod Studios is betting that online viewers are interested in watching videos that have been vetted first before they're posted on the Web. Relative newcomer MyPod Studios launched last year and is operating as a "gated community" focusing on videos in many genres so long as they're entertaining, educational or informative, says Jay Miletsky, CEO and founder MyPod Studios, in this interview with Beet.TV.

The strategy seems to be working. Miletsky tells us in the video interview that Google Analytics places MyPod Studios at 20 million unique visitors a month, with comScore and Quantcast counting 6 million uniques, based on how the different services measure.

MyPod works with a number of content providers including individual and independent producers, and the company is also starting to strike deals with larger programmers such as OpenFilm, Howdini, and PopSugar.

The company is marketing its site via social media, some pay-per-click ads, and the promotional efforts of its content partners. Miletsky tells us MyPod Studios expects to make money via display ads and pre-roll ads.

Daisy Whitney