Big brand marketers are champing at the bit for more quality digital video inventory and more quality material to go into that inventory, said Randall Rothenberg, president and CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau in this  interview with Beet.TV.

We spoke to him about the IAB’s upcoming leadership summit in Miami, which begins this Sunday.

The theme of the conference is “beyond time and space” and the goal will be to dig into the challenges and opportunities for both buyers and sellers as time- and space-based ad sales comes under increasing pressure from new consumption habits. Many of the changes are leading to a “digital video revolution” across the Web, smart phones and tablets.

“It’s not just about having the time slots, but having great programming and great ads to put in it,” he said, especially given the value of video. “We have known that premium video gets an enormous premium over static display or rich media.”

Tablets are becoming portable TVs and smartphones are logging more and more video watching hours each day. “This revolution in multi-screen viewing is supported by enhanced pricing and supported in turn by brand marketers who want this.”

The leadership summit boasts a lineup with executives from AKQA, Disney, Electronic Arts, comScore, Sony, Google and more.

Daisy Whitney