In one of its first partnerships with a brand marketer for its inPowered platform, the blog ad network NetShelter has generated 52% more viewership for Samsung's Smart TV campaign on tech blogs using its new ad unit, said NetShelter's CEO Peyman Nilforoush in an interview with Beet.TV.

The NetShelter technology platform operates as a blog ad network and stretches across 4500 independent bloggers reaching 150 million readers.

Samsung helped conceive and develop the new platform. NetShelter's tools are designed to serve up relevant blog content to viewers with viral sharing tools rather than traditional banner ads.

The platform leverages content of influencers and tech bloggers and amplifies it on behalf of brands to influential audiences, Nilforoush explained.

"We take the most influential content, we run it through an algorithm, and we categorize it by tech purchase category…we then curate that into the [ad] unit and we run that unit across our network and amplify it into the social channels for the marketer," Nilforoush said.

Daisy Whitney