Software security firm Irdeto is migrating its service provider-centric business to also include content protection now for online services, said Jan Steekamp, VP Business Development & Sales at Irdeto, in this interview with Beet.TV.

Irdeto has built its 1000-employees business over the last 40 years to focus on content protection on TVs, set-top boxes, video game consoles and mobile devices. It'll still service that world, but with the growth of content via broadband, Irdeto is now also aiming to protect TV-Everywhere type of programming delivery models.

"What we have now done is looked at the Internet and customized our services to offer on the Internet," Steenkamp said. "We are installing technology to assist content operators in achieving content lockdown and doing management software too to track where their content is going so they know where the leaks are."

He added, "It is up to us to protect it as early as possible and to ensure that those people who own the content get the right payment and the operators distributing it get paid for it."

Daisy Whitney