Online video ad exchange SpotXChange plans to roll out new tools for Web publishers in 2012 in the hopes of pulling more premium publishers into real-time bidding, said Jeremy Straight, VP of business development at SpotXchange, during an interview with Beet.TV.

SpotXchange currently delivers 5 billion impressions each month and is one of the top 10 online video ad properties by ad views, according to comScore's October rankings. Even so, SpotXchange would like to bring more premium publishers into the fold.

"A lot of premium publishers don't use an exchange, so we are educating them about the efficiencies and targeting and the control, so they know they won't lose the value of their individual impressions," Straight said. He added that the demand SpotXchange has seen in real-time bidding has grown and has hit $30 CPMs in some cases.

Last month, SpotXchange partnered with interactive video ad provider Innovid to offer more brand engagement tools using Innovid's technology on ads placed through SpotXchange.

Daisy Whitney