A common GRP for TV and online video could be a boon to online video, said Dave Campanelli, SVP and director of National Broadcast at Horizon Media, while speaking at a Beet.TV Online Video Leadership webcast in New York last month.  

"It would be much easier to include digital video on a buy if we had GRPs," he said. "We have done that with streams and approximating demo ratings and impressions."

Nielsen's Jon Gibs, SVP analytics and insight, said Nielsen rolled out an online GRP a few weeks ago and is starting to work with Facebook to fold in demographic information into the measurement. But a GRP doesn't tell the whole story. Advertisers also want to know what it means for accountability, effectiveness and audience delivery, Gibs said.

This video is a highlight of the August 23 Beet.TV Online Video Leadership webcast. The entire session can be found here.

Daisy Whitney