REDMOND, WA — Internet Explorer 8, the latest version of the Microsoft Web browser, provides users with the ability  to use a drop down menu of recent stories from a designated site.  Microsoft calls these "Web Slices." 

Explorer.logo A handful of publishers have made their feeds available as Web Slices including Digg, eBay, ESPN, Bing and a few others.

Not only are these slices updated text headlines, but can also be streaming video in Flash or Silverlight, we have learned.

For publishers wanting to get "slices" on IE 8, here are the instructions. There is no charge.

We were in at Microsoft headquarters recently to speak with Ryan Servatius for an update on the new browser and how publishers are taking advantage of the platform.  We wonder which video publisher will be the first to offer up their "slices?"

Andy Plesser, Managing Editor.