Manhattan-based health information network HealthiNation has quadrupled its ad revenue on a year-over-year basis and has seen its monthly traffic grow more than seven times in some cases.

Hn_logo The economy is accelerating the shift for pharmaceutical advertisers to the Web and that shift is helping the network win new partnerships, such as its recent co-production deal with U.S. News & World Report to produce videos on the nation’s best hospitals, explained Raj Amin, HealthiNation’s CEO in an interview with Beet.TV last week in New York's Madison Park.

The magazine has been a distribution partner of HealthiNation since 2007. The expanded deal announced last week calls for the two media companies to launch a Web series in July timed with the release of “U.S. News & World Report’s” annual “Best Hospitals” rankings.

Amin calls HealthiNation a “contextual network,” meaning the views are delivered on like-minded sites next to relevant content. Distribution partners include, Yahoo, US News & World Report, and more than 20 million cable homes via video-on-demand.

Online only, the network generates about three to four million video views per quarter, with some higher due to promotions running at a particular time. In December for instance, HealthiNation logged 1.5 million views, up from 200,000 in Decemeber 2007.

“We average between 5 and 10 minutes of viewing per unique session,” Amin said in a separate interview. “Because of our contextual placement, our views are highly engaged, which is why we focus on the quality of the views not the raw volume.”

HealthiNation works with eight of the top ten pharmaceutical advertisers and the network runs about five to eight campaigns each month. 

Last year, the company raised a $7.5 million round from Intel Capital.

Meanwhile here at Beet.TV, Andy has taken some small steps in creating a new video blog about medicine called BeetMedicine.TV

Daisy Whitney, Senior Producer