Boston Video Search Company EveryZing in Pact with NBC, Raises $8.25 Million From GE

EveryZing, a Boston-based video search company, has raised a $8.25million venture round from GE and has completed an extensive agreement to provide universal search solutions to  several NBC Universal online properties.


Truth in Tagging Works: Hot Hits 16 Million Uniques

Tagging a video properly is an art form and it’s also one that can be abused by creators to generate search hits.


StumbleUpon Splits from eBay

StumbleUpon has separated from eBay, which acquired the company two years ago to become a startup.  Co-founder Garrett Camp will be CEO of the newly independent enterprise. Kara Swisher has the story at All Things Digital. Drives 100 Million Video Views a Month for Publishers

The is an extremely well organized and informative listing of thousands of online video sources. 


Seattle’s Delve Makes Video Metadata Available to Publishers Big and Small

I interviewed Alex Castro, founder and CEO of Delve Media, at the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable earlier this month.  Alex explains the value of Delve in a field filled with big, established competitors. 


Google’s “It Girl” Marissa Mayer Profiled in the The New Times

Google’s Marissa Mayer is profiled by Laura Holson in Sunday’s New York Times.  The senior exec, who is in charge of look, feel and usability of the world’s biggest search engine, tells the Times she is not leaving the company and says, “people don’t understand me.”


Obama’s Address to Congress Transcribed by Software Program for

In what is probably the first time a presidential speech has been automatically transcribed by a software program, used a voice-to-text solution from Nexidia to transcribe last night's address to Congress by President Barack Obama. The online news site got the Obama transcription up in 15 minutes after the conclusion of  the speech, we […]


SeeqPod Gets Hit With Multibillion Dollar Lawsuits

SeeqPod, the search engine that crawls the web for "playable search results" like music–including pirated files–is under fire from the record companies again.


Believe It: Transcriptions Will Drive Online Video Consumption and is Paving the Way

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy Tuesday’s speech to Congress by President  Barack Obama made for a big news day at with some 54 million page views and 2.5 million video views, according Omniture SiteCatalyst numbers provided by  (The numbers for viewing the speech are expected to […]


Blinkx has New ‘Buttons”…Will Have $14 Million in Revenue this Year, Profitablity in 2010….and is Hiring!

Blinkx has introduced a new set of buttons to its interface, allowing users to customize their video selection, Stephen Shankland of CNET reports and has a review.  Here's the company's press release on the news.


Boston Video SEO Company Next Google AdSense?

White label video SEO service EveryZing is working to reinvent video advertising the same way Google AdSense reinvented text advertising, CEO Tom Wilde told Beet.TV.


Pixsy Has New Syndication Plan for Video Publishers

Interesting to learn about a development at Pixsy, a video search and syndication company, which is now introducing a way for publishers of premium content to distribute their clips via embed codes and make money.  Not sure how this well work out, but as videos are widely shared, it would be extremely helpful for publishers […]


Nexidia Has Video Search Deal with — First Implementation Is on “Inauguration” Page

Nexidia, the Atlanta-based company which provides video search software, has an agreement with to crawl, "listen" and create text metadata around video clips.   The first implementation is on the Inauguration Player page.  The page provides a great deal of multimedia clips going back to FDR.  I've pasted a screen shot here.


YouTube’s Monetization Scheme Looks Like Google’s

YouTube leads Yahoo! as the world's second biggest search engine according the the latest numbers from comScore released on Friday.  It is a different sort of search engine of course, as the queries are for videos.  Seeking to monetize all that traffic, late last year YouTube launched "Sponsored Videos," a program modeled after and managed […]


iPhone Video Search Goes Deeper with Updated Truveo App

Video search engine Truveo has released an updated version of its  iPhone application, Beet.TV has learned. The application, first launched in July, allows users to access videos in Apple-friendly formats from major sites including CNN, NBC, HBO, The Discovery Channel, and YouTube. In November, I interviewed CEO Peter Kocks about the then-forthcoming updates, and he […]


CNET: Joost Still Has a Pulse

Joost, which Portfolio previously described as going “from superhero from life support,” is attempting a comeback, CNET’s Caroline McCarthy writes today. Part of its revamping includes its new iPhone application, which I interviewed CEO Mike Volpi about from his London office via Skype earlier this month. I republished the interview here. —Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer


“Micro Linear Channels” — An Important New Development in Online Video Discoverability….IBM Goes 24/7 on Mogulus

It’s a technique long used by cable programmers, including MTV: keep videos in rotation in an ongoing, 24-hour telecast.  The cable programmers knew that new viewers tune in at different times and are likely to find programming by chance.  The same concept should be applied to web videos, says Max Haot, co-founder and CEO of […]


Kosmix Search Raises $20 Million in Funding in Tough Economy

The search solution Kosmix has raised $20 million in a funding round led by TimeWarner, the company announced today–an impressive feat in today’s economic climate. Andy interviewed Kosmix Co-founder Anand Rajaraman in New York earlier this year, and I republished the interview here.


Joost Launches Video iPhone App on WiFi; 3G Capacity Coming Soon

On-demand web video service Joost’s new (and free) iPhone application, launched Monday, streams its entire online library of 45,000-plus videos to users on WiFi networks, according to CEO Mike Volpi. A large portion of the library will be available on 3G within a month: “The technology is basically ready,” he says. Volpi spoke to me […]


Video Search Monetization Works: Blinkx CEO Claims

Video search works, particularly around professionally-produced content.  Suranga Chandratillake, CEO of  Blinkx, the London/San Francisco-based video search engine, told TechCrunch’s Erick Schonfeld in this segment from the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable that his company is serving ads on 80-90 percent of professionally produced content and on 10-20 percent on user-generated content.  The ads are both […]

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