Google: Indexing All the World’s Information…..PowerPoint and PDF Files Too

Google wants to index all the world’s information, and that includes finding PowerPoint presentations and PDF files, weather, flight information and currency conversions. Kelsey and I visited the Googleplex in Mountainview, California last Tuesday for a number of meetings and demonstrations.  In our first segment, we speak with Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead.


HUGE: Adobe Readies Voice-to-Text Metadata For Flash Video

PALO ALTO — Beginning later this year, Flash video will contain rich metadata in the form of  automated transcripts.  Adobe is readying a system that uses speech-to-text technology directly into the production process.  Adobe’s plans were revealed yesterday by Adobe VP Jim Guerard, who was a featured speaker at the Beet.TV Executive Roundtable held on […]


International web videos to become more “Googlable”

Google announced today that it has made its free Webmaster Tools available to qualifying hosting companies worldwide. International webmasters now have the means to make their sites–and web videos–more "Googlable." Google Webmaster tools can generate video site maps that make a site’s videos and metadata searchable in the Google Index. R.J. Pittman described how video […]


Google Labs Set to Expand and to Become “More Transparent”

Google Labs will soon become “more transparent in its interaction with end users,” R.J. Pittman, who heads Google’s consumer search operations, told Beet.TV earlier this week in this video interview.  He also said the company is making a major commitment to expand and accelerate the rate of innovation of the Labs.


Google Readying Analysis of World’s “One Trillion” Images

As it seeks to monetize the exploding universe of uploaded images to the Web, which Google says is nearing one trillion, it is developing image processing to more effectively search and organize images.    Presently,  photos are  indexed primarily by text and other metadata. In May, Google announced plans to begin matching images from its […]


Believe it: The Video Revolution is Here

Welcome to Beet.TV In April, The Economist coined it the "The Clip Culture" — the extraordinary explosion of online video and astounding numbers of community created video clips being uploaded to the Web.  Not only are "citizens" uploading video and sharing it through social networks, smart publishers are embracing video in creative ways to benefit […]


Jason Pontin, editor in chief of MIT’s Technology Review, explains one of the most important aspects on online video: searchability

Click To Play The Beet was in Beantown and stopped in to query Jason Pontin, editor in chief of MIT’s Technology Review, about searchable video in his Cambridge office.  The feature, says Jason, means search has moved beyond the realm of text and into image, thanks to the use of meta tags, ala Flickr.  Anyone […]

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