Ogilvy, Marketers Tap Metacafe to Gain Views for Branded Video Campaigns

Sara Lee’s recent “Mama Saga” campaign is a good example of how viral video made by a brand can take off, sometimes unexpectedly, said Jack Rotherham, senior VP of strategic sales and partnerships at Metacafe.


Twistage Plans to Double Staff and Turn Profit in 2010

SAN JOSE, CA — After earning praise in Forrester’s recent report on online video platforms, the New York-based video services firm Twistage is gearing up to double its staff, increase its marketing, and turn a profit by the end of 2010.


Taboola’s Cookies Could Sweeten Video Views for The New York Times

Taboola is not a Middle Eastern grain dish, but an Israeli start-up that provides a solution to surface recommended videos for visitors to CNN.com, HowCast, 5min, Demand Media, the NBA, and now on The New York.


RAMP Powers Video Discovery for CNBC, Thomson Reuters, FOX, others

The effective transcription of video clips, coupled with contextual tagging, is essential to the discovery of video, says Tom Wilde, CEO of  the Boston-based RAMP, formerly known as EveryZing.


Viral Video is Dead According to Kevin Nalty in New Media Minute

Brands making videos for YouTube don't need to spend a lot of money because there's no correlation between production values and views, the online video strategist Kevin Nalty told me in this week's New Media Minute.


New Online TV Guide, “Clicker,” Enters Crowded Field

The online television listing serving Clicker launched last week, entering the crowded business of online television listings.


Advertisers Want Rules of Engagement in Online Video, Digitas’ John McCarus

When it comes to online video, advertisers want to know what the rules of engagement are.


A New Frontier in Video Search: Facial and Scene Recognition Converted to Metadata

A Research Triangle, North Carolina company called DigitalSmiths has developed a technology to recognize faces and scenes and convert that information for publishers to index  content.


Microsoft’s Bing and Video Search: Why It is More “Universal”

REDMOND, WA — Bing, the newly introduced search engine from Microsoft, assembles videos from sources beyond video sharing sites, an approach which we find more open and "universal."


Caught on Video! Google “Street View” Car Imaging Historic Prague District

PRAGUE, Czech Republic — Imaging of the streets here has been underway by Google for Street View since April, but this might be the first time the Google car has been caught working in this picturesque capital.


Blinkx Is Top 10 Video Site, Nielsen

Nielsen's report on video traffic showed more astounding growth for YouTube, with 7 billion videos streamed to 100 million unique visitors. For us, the big news is the arrival of Blinkx to number 10 site with 85 milllion video streams. (See table below)


Silverlight Usage Rises, Buoyed by France TV, NBC Olympics

REDMOND, WA — Adoption of Microsoft Silverlight streaming tools are on the rise, including use by France TV, Microsoft’s Senior Director Tom Honeybone told Beet.TV during an interview at Microsoft headquarters.


Google Images has New Search Functionality by Categories

Yesterday, Google announced a significant enhancement to its image search enhancement by allowing users to search by various colors and categories.


Amazing but True: Most Online Videos Found Via Blogs, Industry Report

TubeMogul's David Burch says that an analysis of video discovery has found that blog are the biggest referrer of video views.


Video Search Engine Truveo Gets Redesign, Expands Globally

Truveo, the big global video search engine which is a unit of AOL, unveiled a redesign last night along with its expansion into several new markets. 


Bing Has Integrated Hulu Clips and Player

REDMOND/NEW YORK — Bing, the new search engine released this week from Microsoft, has an agreement with Hulu to surface and play videos on its site.  The site was launched on Monday. Late yesterday we interviewed Stefan Weitz, Director of Bing in Redmond via video Skype.  He spoke about Bing's integration with Hulu and plans […]


Wow: Bing Has Live Video Thumbnails — But is it Fair Use? (CORRECTED POST)

One of the most striking aspects of Bing, the new search engine from Microsoft, is how it organizes video search results on a page of living thumbnails. 


Why Microsoft’s Bing Matters: TechCrunch’s Erick Schonfeld and CNET’s Ina Fried Explain

CARLSBAD, Calif — Bing, the new Microsoft search engine debuted here yesterday, is different.


WOW: Microsoft’s “Bing” Has Live Video Thumbnails

CARLSBAD, Calif –  Bing, the new search engine unveiled by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer today, has many extraordinary aspects.   Watching the demo in the ballroom of the Four Seasons this morning, I was blown away by how video search results are displayed.


Blinkx Lowers Burn Rate, but Analysts Are Cautious, Reuters

Blinkx, the online video search company released its year-end earnings today.  While the company has lowered its burn rate and has $23 million in cash, some analysts are cautious about the company's prospects, Reuters reports.

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