EveryZing, a Boston-based video search company, has raised a $8.25million venture round from GE and has completed an extensive agreement to provide universal search solutions to  several NBC Universal online properties.

It is the company's biggest deal yet.  Here is the company press release.

EveryZing has developed a powerful speech to text transcription process. Originally created through government funding to transcribe intercepted phone conversations, the company is now applying its technology to "listen" to the audio track of video to create rich, searchable form of metadata.

The company was formed out of BBN, the big Boston area defense contractor and was spun off as Podzinger then renamed EveryZing.

The deal with NBC  follows other agreements with Thompson Reuters,  Fox Sports and MSN.

We have republished an interview with CEO Tom Wilde.

More on the news by Erick Schonfeld at TechCrunch.  Here's a Q&A with Tom Wilde with Wade Roush in Xconomy.Here's the report up on Mediabistro.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer