Microsoft Silverlight Video Player Will be Sharable for NBC Olympics Coverage

Microsoft’s Silverlight, which will power online video for NBC Sports Olympics coverage, will have a number DVR-type functionalities and will offer bloggers and others the opportunity to grab the embed code of certain videos.


Verizon Could Serve Over 15 Million Homes with Broadband Connection of 400 MBPS

Lots of buzz yesterday with Google's announcement that it is in early stages of a system to deliver ultra fast Internet service, at 1GBPS to homes in the United States.


The Promise of TV Everywhere is the Contextualization of Online Video Advertising

The big upside for publishers around the industry-wide TV Everywhere initiative is the opportunity to serve highly contextual online video advertising to specific subscriber groups, says Ian Blaine, CEO of thePlatform, a video services unit of Comcast.


Comcast’s thePlatform Celebrates 10 Years and Announces New Technology

Seattle’s thePlatform, a high-end online video services provider to cable and broadcasters, is aiming its sites on a broader range of customers with today’s announcement of a new publishing system. 


FreeWheel Lands Turner, VEVO, in Big Customer Expansion

LAS VEGAS, FreeWheel, the video advertising platform, is off to a strong start, with new customers in Turner and and VEVO, the company announced earlier this week at the NAPTE convention. 


Kyte Expands Video Services and User Interface

Kyte, the video services platform, has announced significant improvement to its user interface and range of services.


Mozilla’s Chris Blizzard Blasts HTML5 Efforts at YouTube and Vimeo

Recent moves by YouTube and Vimeo to preliminarily embrace HTM5, a technology for publishing video directly onto Web pages, using an open source code, has been generating a lot of excitement, but not from the Mozilla Foundation which manages the Firefox browser.


Brightcove Has “TV Everywhere” Initiative

Brightcove, the big online video services company, has announced an initiative to enable its customers to participate in the much anticipated initiative known as "TV Everywhere."


YouTube Experiments with HTML 5…and Adobe Supports the Movement

Significant news today that YouTube is experimenting with HTML5, a web-based, non-player platform to watch video.  Whether this open-source movement will be broadly embraced is too early to say.


Verizon FiOS Introduces Symmetrical 35mps Pipes — and Beet.TV Has Upgraded

Users of Verizon FiOS now have the opportunity to upgrade to a symmetrical connection speed of 35mps up and down, the company has announced.  The previous offering was 35 up and 20 down. 


Video Services Firm Ooyala Entering Japan with Telco Giant NTT

Ooyala, the video platform services company, announced today a plan to introduce its service to Japan with an alliance with NTT, Japan's largest telco. 


Yahoo Says “Connected TV” Product will Ship in 5 Million TVs to 16 Countries by Q2

LAS VEGAS, NV –  Yahoo has expanded the scope of its "Connected TV" with several new television and consumer electronics manufactures and expects the platform to be in as many as 5 million Internet-enabled television sets by the end of June, we have learned.


Irdeto Joins DECE, Hollywood Effort to Make Digital Files Portable

LAS VEGAS  — Earlier this week at CES, an industry consortium of Hollywood studios and technology companies called DECE announced a plan to make digital files of premium content portable between different digital devices.


“Intel” on Intel: Powerful Chip Coming for Mac’s, PC’s in Early 2010…New Dual-Core Chip Performs Like Quad

LAS VEGAS — Don't buy that new Mac yet. At CES , Intel unveiled its new Intel Core processors that will be in most major brands in Q1.  


HP Rolls Out Powerful Video Collaboration Service for Free with New High-end PC’s

LAS VEGAS–HP, the world biggest computer maker is making its HP SkyRoom video conferencing software and service available for free on its new line of business notebooks and workstations.  The announcement was made at CES.


Cisco To Unveil Powerful Teleconferencing Product for Consumers

Later today at CES, Cisco is expected to announce a sophisticated consumer teleconferencing product, a slimmer extension of the very pricey TelePresence system for big businesses and governments, according to a report by Maggie Reardon of CNET


Video Demo: HP Has 2 GB “CloudDrive” in New Netbooks

LAS VEGAS–At CES, HP announced a new line of PC's and netbooks, their inexpensive and powerful mini PC's that come with storage drive mapped to an external "cloud." 


Intel Unveils Powerful HD Graphics Processor at CES

At CES this week, Intel will unveil the new integrated GPU called Intel HD Graphics.  


Hollywood Unites Around New Format for Portable Movie Files

For several years, digital executives in Hollywood have been developing a format to allow consumers to purchase digital files of films and watch them on various devices.


KickApps Enters Premium Video Services Business with Adobe’s New Open Framework Player

KickApps, social media platform provider, has begun to offer publishers a premium services tool for video publishing. The New York-based company is among the first companies to use Adobe's new open source media framework.

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