Ooyala Integrates YouTube Clips into its Publishing Platform

Ooyala, the Mountain View-based online video services company founded by several ex-Googlers, is providing customers the ability to publish YouTube clips into the publishing system and on an Ooyala player.


TechCrunch, GigaOM Ramping up Video — TechCrunch Goes with Brightcove, GigaOM with Ooyala

Two tech blog powerhouses, TechCrunch and GigaOM, are readying ambitious original online video programming.


Clearleap Claims 10 Million Cable Subscribers in 40 U.S. Markets for IPTV

LOS ANGELES — While much of the industry's attention was on yesterday's announcement of Google TV, a small Georgia based company has been making considerable progress in bringing IPTV to the living room by integrating its service with existing cable gear.


San Francisco Start-up Powers Snazzy “Glee” Online Video Player

SAN FRANCISCO — Interactive video technology provider Coincident TV is landing both early buzz and deals:  the platform provider just inked a deal with Fox's hit show "Glee" to power its interactive video player.


Kyte Announces Android Application Framework and SDK

Kyte, the San Francisco-based online video services provider, announced today an Android application framework and SDK allowing publishers to easily create custom apps for the Android.


Blip.tv Raises $10.1 Million in New Funding

Blip.tv, the New York-based online video services site, has raised $10.1 million in new venture funding, the company announced this morning.


Adobe’s Big Peer-to-Peer Plans: “We can Eliminate Bandwidth Costs”

With the imminent launch of Flash Player 10.1, Adobe will provide publishers with tools to dramatically reduce bandwidth costs with a new peer-to-peer system, explains Kevin Towes, Product Manager of Adobe Flash Media Server, in this exclusive interview with Beet.TV.


Adobe Readies Flash Player Debut for Android Devices

While the Adobe vs. Apple, Flash vs. HTML5 struggle rages on, engineers at Adobe are readying the debut of the Flash 10.1 player on Android-powered smart phones.  The player is also working on a Google Android tablet, according to some reports.


Cable Biz has Web Envy as Medium Grows More Interactive

LOS ANGELES — Yesterday, the Cable Show got underway and the big buzz is interactivity–how cable programmers and operators can make shows more involving to viewers getting used to a Web experience.


Ooyala, Kaltura Ready Implementation of Silverlight Players

Later this summer, we can expect to see wider implementation of Microsoft Silverlight as two of the bigger online video platform companies Ooyala and Kaltura ready video players for their customers.


Kyte Has Facebook Application Framework for Video

Kyte, a San Francisco-based online video platform company, announced today the integration of its video player and tools into Facebook with a product it calls the Facebook Application Framework.


Top TV Nets Turn to Stealthy Conviva to Micro-manage User Bandwidth

Delivering a high quality, non-buffering video experience has become essential for distributors of premium content online.  To assure a satisfactory experience, several networks, including NBC, ESPN3, AT&T, MLB.com, NFL.com, and ABC.com, are working with Conviva, a San Mateo, venture-backed company.


Cisco Has “Cached” Solution for Looming Demand for Internet Video

SAN JOSE, California –Exploding bandwidth consumption resulting from HD and 3-D video, gaming, and teleconferencing will create unprecedented demands on Internet services providers.


Adobe Sees Upside in HTML5 Developments

LAS VEGAS — Much has been said about the looming showdown over software dominance to run video on the Web between Adobe's Flash and HTML5, an "open source" solution which is gaining traction.  HTML5 is one of the emerging standards for the iPad and iPhone which don't use Flash.


Microsoft Silverlight Heading to OVP’s, Set-top Boxes, 3-D Video and “Enhanced Movies”

LAS VEGAS–Last week at NAB, Microsoft made a number of announcements for Silverlight, its rich Web plug-in technology.


Akamai Reports All Time Single Day Peak of 3.45 Terabits Per Second on April 9

LAS VEGAS — Demand for bandwidth at Akamai reached a new, single-day peak of 3.45 Terabits per second (Tbps) of content served on Friday, April 9th, the company says. 


Volcanic Ash Crisis to Drive Video Teleconference Use

With a vast amount of international travel halted as a result of the volcanic ash coming from Iceland, video teleconferencing will rise in the days and weeks ahead.  


Akamai’s Tom Leighton: The Internet Won’t Scale With Centralized Data Centers

LAS VEGAS — Tom Leighton, co-founder and chief scientist of Akamai, says that television content will delivered primarily over the Internet in rich, interactive forms.


Kyte has Full Video Ad Monetization “Workaround” for iPad

While a number of publishers and video service providers are scrambling to create a system to  insert and manage ads around video for the iPad, Kyte has a system in place, according to Gannon Hall, COO.


Irdeto Announces New Alliances with Netflix and Adobe at NAB

Irdeto, the Netherlands-based provider of content authentication services to media companies and others,  made two big announcements at NAB this week.

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