Later today at CES, Cisco is expected to announce a sophisticated consumer teleconferencing product, a slimmer extension of the very pricey TelePresence system for big businesses and governments, according to a report by Maggie Reardon of CNET

While live interactive video exists on video chat, on Skype and on platforms such as Paltalk, the developments from Cisco means that high quality live video interaction is going to become more pervasive. 

Earlier this year we visited Cisco in San Jose to interview Ken Wirt on the company's focus on the consumer teleconferencing products.   We have republished the interview today.

Real-time video on the Web is exploding and big players including Cisco and HP are making big moves.  Here is our related post on HP's announcement of its video conferencing service free on new high-end PC's

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer