Select HBO Shows Goes Online Today with New Comcast Service

Comcast's much anticipated launch of its its "TV Everywhere" service, which allows subscribers to Comcast to watch selected video on their computers, has gone live in beta, today.


Elemental Technologies Focused on Encoding for Adaptive Streaming

SAN JOSE, CA — Portland-based Elemental Technologies, a producer of video encoding hardware, sees a big opportunity in the industry's move to adaptive streaming, meaning the delivery of video to users with varying connection speeds in consistent, high quality.


Ooyala Sees Value in Realtime Analytics for Video Producers

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — Ooyala, the online video services company started by ex-Googlers, is developing realtime analytics for video producers to closely monitor the success of their content.


NBC Sports Showcases the NFL Online with DVR-Type Control — Winter Olympics Next

SAN JOSE — NBC Sports is demonstrating the highly interactive functionality of its online experience with Sunday Football.  Much of this functionality will be part of NBC's Winter Olympics online presentation.


Elemental Technologies is Transcoding Video in “Record Time,” The New York Times

SAN FRANCISCO — At the NewTeeVee conference this month, we caught up with Sam Blackman, CEO of Elemental Technologies. The company has launched a new server appliance for transcoding live HD video at very fast rates, "faster than real time," the company says.


Comcast’s thePlatform Unit Dominates Online Video Services for Cable Operators in North America

SAN JOSE, CA — Adding another notch to its cable customer belt, online video technology firm thePlatform inked a deal to power broadband video for Rogers Cable. 


Cisco Aims to Save Media Companies 50% of Tech Costs with Hosted Platform called Eos

Some media companies are spending in excess of 100% of their digital revenue on site development, management, and hosting, says Cisco’s Scott Brown.


Brightcove Launches Low-Priced Solution, Native iPhone App Support and More

Brightcove, the video platform services company, which has established a reputation for providing video services for big publishers and business enterprises, is launching a slimmed down version of its solution priced at $99 per month


New Apple TV Subscription Service: Not so Fast, Cautions Forrester’s Bobby Tulsiani

Earlier this month, Peter Kafka at MediaMemo reported that Apple has a new initiative to sell broadcast and cable programming via iTunes for a monthly fee of $30.


Microsoft Readies Silverlight for Offline Use: Adobe’s Flash Heading to Smart Phones

NBC Sports will announce plans today  to use Microsoft Silverlight as the software for Web viewing the Winter Olympics Games in the United States.


The Internet Turns 40 Today, but it Has a Long Way to Go, Vint Cerf

By most accounts, the Internet was born back on October 29, 1969 by two computer scientists, Vint Cerf  and Robert Kahn.  Cerf is now Google's Chief Internet Evangelist.


Tim Berners-Lee to Hollywood: Move from “Channels” to Random Access

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, says that as video on the Web continues to grow, the movie industry needs evolve from a "channels" scenario to a "random access" platform, where films can be universally searched, watched, and paid for.


Cisco Makes Big Expansion in Video Conference Technology with Tandberg Purchase

Cisco is greatly expanding its capabilities in the video conferencing business with the acquisition of Norway's Tandberg for $3 billion in cash, in a deal announced earlier today.


Brightcove Targets non-Media Businesses as Profit, Revenue Grow

Online video platform company Brightcove turned a profit for the first time earlier this year and is growing revenue 50% each year thanks in part to an expansion strategy that reaches past the media industry.


TV Goes Social: Verizon FiOS Generating “Billions” of Tweets

Earlier this summer, the Verizon FiOS, the Internet/television/phone service, integrated Facebook and Twitter into its platform, allowing subscribers to initiate Twitter alongside their favorite shows. Here's the story by CNET's Maggie Reardon.


The Shakeout in Online Video, thePlatform’s Ian Blaine Explains

SEATTLE, WA–Making the shift from a video aggregator to a video platform is not easy–that's the warning from Ian Blaine, CEO of thePlatform who spoke to Beet.TV at this company's headquarters about the shakeout in the online video business this year and how it will continue to unfold.


Extend Media Jumps on TV Everywhere Bandwagon with New Product

Extend Media is aiming to capitalize on the buzz surrounding TV Everywhere with the launch of a new platform to help multichannel providers deliver TV programming online, the company announced today.


What the Hell is Ogg Theora and Should We Care: Mike Hudack Explains

NEW YORK , NY — There is a powerful movement underway for open video standards for the Web.  The biggest implementation will be seen very soon on Wikipedia where you will watch videos in an open source video application called Ogg Theora.


Why Cisco “Flips” for Consumer Electronics

SAN JOSE — To mine the growing opportunity in consumer technology, Cisco is expanding its presence in the consumer market and moving more aggressively beyond its business-to-business roots, the company told Beet.TV during an interview at Cisco headquarters.


Cisco Readying Tele Conferencing for Consumers

SAN JOSE — Teleconferencing, which had been limited to a small number high end corporate users, is becoming widely adopted by users of Skype Video and of other web services as well as more sophisticated corporate products from Cisco and others. 

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