Vimeo has “Couch Mode” for the Big Screen TV and the iPad

Vimeo, the big video sharing site, known widely for its popularity among the creative community of videographers and filmmakers, has introduced a new functionality to its “couch mode.”


Apps on Internet-Connected TV’s to Grow Fast, Report

Internet-connected TVs with built-in apps are poised to grow 36% over the next five years. That growth will be fueled in part by demand for built-in apps for Netflix, YouTube and others, said research firm In-Stat.


IAC’s Vimeo Launches Video Sharing Service for Small Businesses

Vimeo, the big video sharing site, known mostly for its global popularity as the video player of choice for the creative community, is launching today a commercial service for small businesses.


Roku Owners are “Cutting the Cord” in Substantial Numbers

Some 15-20 percent of Roku owners are cancelling their cable or satellite services agreement and are relying solely on a broadband connection to get their television programming, said company VP Jim Funk in this exclusive interview with Beet.TV.


With U.S. State Department and Army as Customers, Brightcove Plans Expanded Government Video Work

WASHINGTON, DC — Seeing an opportunity with government agencies for the distribution of Web video, Boston-based Brightcove has launched a "federal government initiative" with Carahsoft, a big government IT consulting firm.


Verizon iPhone Will Not Run on 4G Network (yet), CNET’s Maggie Reardon

While the imminent introduction of Verizon's 4G smart phones created a good bit of buzz at CES, the highly anticipated Verizon iPhone will likely run on the company's existing 3G network, at least initially, says Maggie Reardon, lead telecom reporter for CNET in this interview with Beet.TV


Verizon Developing Ultra Fast 10GB Per-House Connection in the U.S.

In November, Verizon FiOS announced a substantial increase in connection speed to 150 MBPS down and 35 MBPS up for all of its 12.5 million U.S. subscribers. 


Verizon’s “Flex View” Will Download Premium Video to Apple Devices in “Early” 2011

Subscribers to Verizon FiOS TV now have the ability to download a range of premium video to rent or buy onto several devices including Windows PC's, the Blackberry Storm2, HTC HD2, Motorola Droid 2 and Droid X.


W3C’s Le Hegaret: Developer “Sentiment” is Building Around Google’s WebM Video Codec

CAMBRIDGE, Mass — With its acquisition of ON2 and its video codec VP8,  Google is seeking to establish a unified, industry-wide codec for publishers to create HTML5 video.


Forrester’s McQuivey: Microsoft Could be “Dominant Player in the TV Business Overnight”

LOS ANGELES — While the television industry is abuzz in anticipation over Google TV, the big story in the convergence of television and the Web could be the Xbox, says Forrester's James McQuivey, a top industry analyst.


Mobile Web Connectivity Speeding Up, Canada 4X the U.S., Akamai Reports

As broadband consumption moves increasingly to mobile devices, the speed of wireless networks is becoming crucial and many carriers are increasing speeds, accouding to Akamai's just released report "The State of the Internet."


Dailymotion Boosts Content Discovery with New “Hubs”

PARIS — Dailymotion, the big global video sharing site, has been developing tools for content discovery including "hubs," areas of content around themes and personal interest.


SpeakerText Produces “Clickable” Transcripts from Videos from YouTube,, Brightcove and Ooyala — Vimeo to Follow Soon

A small Bay Area, angel-backed start-up called SpeakerText provides publishers with a plug-in  to transcribe videos with clickable and shareable transcripts. 


Cisco Buys Boston’s ExtendMedia for Undisclosed Sum

Cisco, ramping up its efforts around online video management services, has purchased Boston-based ExtendMedia for an undisclosed sum, Cisco announded today.


Online Video Platform Twistage Gaining Traction with Enterprise Customers

New York-based online video platform company Twistage has been gaining traction in addressing the needs of companies' internal "enterprise" needs for online video management.


Video Transcoding Company Elemental Gets $7.5 Million from Disney’s Venture Unit

Elemental Technologies, the Portland, Oregon-based company that quickly transcodes videos for the Web, has received a $7.5 million round of funding from Disney's Steamboat Ventures and other earlier investors.


Exclusive: BlackBerry Funds Viewdle — Visual Recognition for Video to Launch Soon on Mobile

Viewdle, the visual recognition software company with origins in the Soviet military, has received a venture round from the RIM's BlackBerry Fund, says John Albright, co-managing partner in this exclusive interview with Beet.TV.


Akamai Says Internet Demand for World Cup Viewing Doubled over 2006 — Italy vs. Slovakia Biggest Net Draw

Akamai, the Boston-based content delivery network, said today that demand for Internet services around the World Cup doubled over demand in 2006 during certain peak times.   


Cisco Gearing up for Demand of 3-D Video Over IP

LOS ANGELES –  Cisco is ramping up its support for 3D TV as the industry gears up for the launch of the first slate of 3D networks later this year and early next.


KickApps Synchs with Adobe for Open Source Flash Video Player

As the HTML 5 versus Flash debate rages on, the yeoman's Web work being done by many media companies still relies on Flash-powered video. 

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