Earlier this month eMarketer released a report by senior analyst David Hallerman on the the future of online advertising. 

Last week, David sat down with Beet.TV’s Kate Lyon. He explained the promise and power of video advertising. He says that while paid search will be the biggest growth sector next year, the appeal of search is limited, that it’s essentially a direct marketing tool. He says that video is much more emotional – we agree.  We can’t wait to see some exciting creatives in the new year.

Dartmouth Researchers Detect Fake Videos

Can you believe everything you see?  Well, not always — and as video becomes more widely consumed, it will most certainly be altered and not for always the best intentions.  Kate Greene reports today in MIT’s Technology Review about Dartmouth professor Hany Farid who has found a novel way to see if video’s have been altered.  Here’s the way Kate explains it:

The researchers’ antiforgery tool uses mathematical tricks that exploit the predictable way in which videos are compressed into standard MPEG files.


Dartmouth’s Hany Farid

Andy Plesser

Coming Clean:  Dartmouth College and MIT’s Technology Review are clients of Plesser Holland, publisher of Beet.TV

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