As you may already know, Jason Calcanis resigned from AOL today. Jason runs a network of bloggers at AOL.  The story was first posted on TechCrunch and Jason spoke with Saul Hansell of The New York Times for tomorrow’s paper.

If AOL is smarting from Jason’s departure, they still have their superstar blogger Peter Rojas, Editor in Chief of Engadget, which is ranked the world’s number one or two blog by Technorati.  I saw Peter tonight at the TechCrunch party in New York City.  He confirmed he’s staying with AOL.

Peter was a big part of the acquisition of the Calcanis blog network, which I understand netted some $25 million from AOL. 


Here’s Peter Rojas — a great guy who’s been blogging like crazy for five years.  I met him when he was a reporter for Red Herring.  My firm handled public relations for the Red Herring in its glory days.  What a blast.

UPDATE: SEE OUR TechCrunch party coverage and interview with Michael Arrington.   

Andy Plesser