Here’s our interview with Anna Convery of Nexidia. The company is a leader in analyzing speech, which it calls "speech intelligence."  The company has powerful applications already deployed in the enterprise and is now applying its technology to searching video.

It’s a technology based on phonetics, meaning the sounds of the human voice.  In this second clip, Anna tells us how phonetics are used by consumers to find video clips. 

For most of the online video universe, clips are searchable only through metadata or the text that describes a video clip.  That’s OK, but it’s just part of the solution.

Since video images aren’t searchable yet, voice recognition and phonetic analysis software are the most practical way to find the content of the video.  Of course not all videos have words to index, but it’s a critical direction. Nexidia is making important moves in this space. Other companies in this field include Podzinger and Blinkx.

CISCO’S PROFITS UP AS DEMAND FOR ROUTING GEAR FOR ONLINE VIDEO TAKES OFF….check out this AP report.  Someone’s got a viable business model in this online video world! 

Andy Plesser

P.S.  I wish that you search experts would post your comments below.  It’s a complicated subject and I can only scratch the surface of a very deep topic.

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