Guba has built a successful platform to download full-length films, as noted in our first post with Bart Myers. The company enjoys the cooperation of major film studios.  And, it appears to have figured out digital rights management issues.

Bart also told me that the company is very far along with monetizing independently created video content.  He says that the company is the "farthest along" in providing revenue to these creators. 

Not just inserting ads into clips and splitting revenue, Guba is also "selling" or syndicating video to third parties.  An example of this is Guba’s deal with Comcast to provide "horror" themed clips for its new FearNet channel

It will be very interesting to see who is successful with monetizing independent content — there are several very strong players out there in Revver, Current, BrightCove, Blip.TV and the 800-pound gorilla in waiting, Google Video which will introduce post-roll ads soon — and the entrance of nbbc early next year.

Party Time with Guba and AlwaysOn in San Francisco!

Our pal Adriana Gascoigne from Guba has graciously invited Beet.TV fans to a cool networking party in San Francisco this Thursday night.  Should be a blast!


Andy Plesser

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