OK, sure, it might appear like shameless self-promotion, but these are actually very informative clips.  Above is a very good segment that aired on CNBC tonight about the online video explosion.  I get to say a few words, along with Brian Cooley of CNET and Paul Kedrosky, blogger and columnist for the Street.com, who sees the current frenzy as a "bubble."

Below is a video from Streaming Media West in San Jose last week.  It’s a panel about the business of video blogging moderated by CNETTV.com executive editor Molly Wood, with panelists: yours truly, Podzinger’s Jeff Baer and the great Robert Scoble.  It’s an hour long — we wander a bit, but there’s some good material. Thanks to Dan "Mr. Streaming Media" Rayburn for making this file available to Beet.TV.  Much appreciated Dan!  Hope you find this informative.

Have a great weekend


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