William Randolph Hearst Frames the Power and Appeal of Online Video: An Old Woody Allen Joke Brings it all Home

Click To Play OK, we’ve been reading and blogging and watching this whole video revolution.  Why is it happening? Is it the cheap digital devices for capturing video or the simple video sharing sites of "Web 2.0"?  Sure, but that’s just part of it. Here’s what I think:  We trust what we see in video. […]


The Future of Online Advertising is Video — Paid Search Works but “Doesn’t Grab the Heart and Mind,” says Analyst David Hallerman…..Dartmouth Researchers Crack Video Forgeries

Click To Play Earlier this month eMarketer released a report by senior analyst David Hallerman on the the future of online advertising.  Last week, David sat down with Beet.TV’s Kate Lyon. He explained the promise and power of video advertising. He says that while paid search will be the biggest growth sector next year, the […]


Robert Scoble – Shel Israel’s “Naked Conversations” Named Top-10 Tech Book by Amazon……..So Long TechCrunch’s Marshall Kirkpatrick and Thanks for the Tips!

Click To Play I was really pleased to see that "Naked Conversation" has been such a big hit this year.  So cool to see that Amazon named it one of the top-ten technology books for the year.  It’s a really good book for anyone interested in the future of media and communications, and it’s great […]


YouTube/Verizon Deal is a Start, but Carriers Must Open up as “Selected Clips” Are Useless, Engadget’s Peter Rojas Tells Beet.TV

Click To Play Pete Rojas, editor in chief of Engadget, one of the world’s most influential blogs, ranked number one or two, by Technorati, visited the Beet.TV studios last night to talk about a wide range of topics. The gadget guru longs for extensive video on mobile devices.  He says that it’s eventually going to […]


Rocketboom is Fully Searchable with Podzinger, Andrew Baron Explains……Break.com to Pay $400 for Consumer-Generated Video Clips

Click To Play Rocketboom founder Andrew Baron is a pioneering video blogger who has always been on the cutting technical edge of vlogging, including advanced syndication strategies and the distribution of file formats for multiple platforms. Andrew has tackled one of the biggest challenges facing video bloggers — how to make video content searchable. To […]


Guba is “Farthest Along” In Monetizing Independently Produced Videos, Exec Says

Click To Play Guba has built a successful platform to download full-length films, as noted in our first post with Bart Myers. The company enjoys the cooperation of major film studios.  And, it appears to have figured out digital rights management issues. Bart also told me that the company is very far along with monetizing […]


Video Search from Outer Space: Google Earth Links to Cool Videos from Bay Area Start-up TurnHere — William Randolph Hearst III Makes Investment…….CNET’s Webshots Introduces Video Sharing

[Download video to your computer | Upload to iPod, PSP] How is video found? Well, metadata, peer rankings, audio search, phonetics analysis and more.  But video can found through satellite photography. Yes, my friends, this is true! Google Earth has been providing a link from its satellite images of Northern California to video clips about […]


High Flying TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington Predicts the Demise of Many Traditional Media Players……Microsoft Maven Mary Jo Foley is Shocked that Zune is not Compatible with Vista

Click To Play Despite a driving rain storm, Michael Arrington drew quite a crowd to his TechCrunch mixer last night in Manhattan.  I caught up with him at the party and got him to wiggle his new Arrington bobble head doll for Beet.TV!  Not sure this is the launch of new product line for the […]


Calcanis is Leaving AOL but World’s Number One-Ranked Blogger Peter Rojas Remains

As you may already know, Jason Calcanis resigned from AOL today. Jason runs a network of bloggers at AOL.  The story was first posted on TechCrunch and Jason spoke with Saul Hansell of The New York Times for tomorrow’s paper. If AOL is smarting from Jason’s departure, they still have their superstar blogger Peter Rojas, […]


“Imagineering” Danny Hillis Set to Unleash Artificial Intelligence on the Video World

William Randolph Hearst III on Applied Minds and the Future of Media [Download video to your computer | Upload to iPod, PSP] Danny Hillis is one of the most important pioneers of computing and artificial intelligence.  He founded Thinking Machines as a student at MIT in 1982.  Although the company failed, the technology has had […]


YouTube Lawyers Smackdown High-Flying Tech Blogger over Download “Crack”

Michael Arrington of the increasingly influential TechCrunch, has been served with a very harsh demand letter to cease and desist from YouTube’s powerhouse attorneys Wilson Sonsini. Michael posted a "crack" earlier this week: advice on how to download YouTube video clips as files to be saved on a computer or iPod.  Seems like his post […]


Attention Content Creators: To Monetize, You Need to “Adify”…..MIT’s Technology Review: MySpace is a “Marketing Madhouse”

Click To Play Larry Braitman, who created a hugely innovative advertising platform in the last boom called Flycast, has just launched a new company, an advertising management solution for content developers of various sizes. It’s called Adify and it’s sort of a "store front" solution that provides the tools to publishers to manage the many […]


Video via Mobile Phone Cameras Unleashed by Veeker……Microsoft’s New Zune to Could Allow Video Sharing, Ballmer Tells Bloomberg…New Tivo Net Box Coming!

Click To Play One of the most intriguing companies I’ve had the opportunity to meet recently is Veeker, a San Francisco-based start-up which has been under the radar until recently.   The company has created a technology and public portal to share video uploaded by mobile phones.  Unlike YouTube, the clips are seen by authorized viewers […]


Update on Google Video: Ads To Run on User Generated Content, “Secrets” of Video Search Revealed (sort of)… and Andy Takes Jazzy Googleplex Tour!

Click To Play I caught up with Hunter Walk, a key executive at Google Video who had previously run Google’s AdSense. My visit coincided with the launch of the new EepyBird exploding Diet Coke bottles. Fun clip and quite popular with 1.6 million views, but what does it mean?  Well, it marks the first step […]


It’s a Whole New Media Universe: What are the Implications of Video Blogs? Blip.TV’s Mike Hudack Explains…and Says Net Video will Hit the TV Set Soon — Watch Akimbo!

Click To Play The video blogging world is something of an alternative universe.  It sure seemed that way last Saturday night at the Vloggies where I met the very influential Laughing Squid, the TreeHugger and some crazed Ninja dude from LA who threatened to "kill Beet.TV" — it was a joke, of course! But there […]


Shameless Self-Promotion: Beet.TV’s Founder on CNBC….and Andy Shares Stage with Robert Scoble and Molly Wood at Streaming Media West

OK, sure, it might appear like shameless self-promotion, but these are actually very informative clips.  Above is a very good segment that aired on CNBC tonight about the online video explosion.  I get to say a few words, along with Brian Cooley of CNET and Paul Kedrosky, blogger and columnist for the Street.com, who sees […]


Viral Video and Fundraising: Revver’s Steven Starr Has a Vision — Revver Launches Innovative Program with Larry Lessig’s Creative Commons

Click To Play I think the coolest guy I met at the Vloggies in San Francisco last Saturday night was Steven Starr, the founder and CEO of Revver, the viral video sharing network based in LA.  Steven and I had a great talk about the potential of viral video in fundraising.  Not just speculating about […]


Nexidia Is Pioneering Video Search Through Phonetics……Video Revolution Suits Cisco’s Bottomline

Click To Play Here’s our interview with Anna Convery of Nexidia. The company is a leader in analyzing speech, which it calls "speech intelligence."  The company has powerful applications already deployed in the enterprise and is now applying its technology to searching video. It’s a technology based on phonetics, meaning the sounds of the human […]


“Freshtopia,” Cool Vlog about Food and Sustainability, Wins Three “Vloggies”

Click To Play I caught up with the very glamorous host Tanja Andrews and the show’s talented director Oscar Grimm at the Vloggies awards in San Francisco on Saturday night.  Their vlog Freshtopia grabbed three awards — best food and green vlogs — and best editing. Tanja and Oscar do a wonderful vlog about food, […]


New Exploding Diet Coke Clip Hits One Million in Major “Test” For Google Video…….Microsoft Makes Big Entry in Download Arena, NY Times Reports

Click To Play Google Video has a big hit on its hands with new EepyBird video with nearly 1 million views. I spoke with Hunter Walk at the Google headquarters last Monday. He told me he’s really pleased with the humorous clip, but that things are early in the whole online video advertising space and […]

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