Yesterday on the MIT campus at the Technology Review summit, I caught up with Digg founder Kevin Rose.  Kevin was on a panel with Netvibes’ Tariq Krim and StumbleUpon founder Garrett Camp.  The three innovators were recognized as the Tech Review’s top 35 innovators under 35.   

Kevin’s Diggnation video show is a big hit among the tech elite.  His video company, Revision3, has raised an $8 million venture round, hired Jim Louderback as CEO and is building a growing network of niche video casts.  Kevin told me about some of the new shows set to roll out.

Revision3 has created an impressive publishing platform which offers a variety of streaming and downloadable video formats.  HD downloads were added this summer

Kevin outlines the distribution platform for his company’s videos. And, he explains how the aesthetics of online video is so radically different from conventional television.

Finally, he talks about the function of the newly introduced Digg Videos. 

This is a good one and you can grab the embed code of this clip right here.

Oh, and Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg was honored as one of the 35, but he didn’t make it.

— Andy Plesser