Earlier this week, the San Francisco-based TeeBeeDee, a new community site for folks over 40, launched.  It blends commentary, features and social networking tools for its members. 

Matt Richtel over at the New York Times reported last week on the "graying of the Web"  —  how sites and social networking hubs, including TeeBeeDee, are being designed for the boomer crowd who have become active and influential online.

The venture-backed company is headed by veteran magazine publisher/media exec Robin Wolaner.  Twenty years ago, she was the founding publisher of Parenting magazine. Later, she was a senior exec at Time Inc. and CNET.   

At CNET, Robin saw the potential of user-generated editorial content in the form of user product reviews — way back in 1999. She says now is the time to harness and connect the insights and experiences of the 40-60 crowd to create content.

She stopped by the Beet.TV studios yesterday to talk about TeeDeeBee, meaning "to be determined."

Grab the embed code of this interview.

— Andy Plesser

Update 9/24:  Here’s story about TeeDeeBee just published in Media Post.

Coming Clean:  TeeBeeDee is a client of Plesser Holland, the firm I founded back in the pre-web days of 1992.