Andrew Cleland of Time Warner Investments, the venture arm of the world’s biggest media company.  Yesterday, I caught up with him along with my pal Mary Kathleen Flynn, senior editor at Tech Confidential.  We were at the "Convergence 2." conference in Manhattan.

Beet.TV is collaborating up with Tech Confidential on video segments which will be published on both blogs. 

It’s wonderful to have Mary doing interviews.  She’s a real pro, having been on camera at MSBNC and CNN and cut her teeth on tech at PC Magazine.  It is so awesome to have her on the purple channel! 

Andrew tells us that online video is a major focus of attention for investing over at Time Warner.  Some sectors he likes are advertising services, management of video assets and search.

Time Warner made some big news with  last week’s investment in ScanScout

Who knows who will be next?

— Andy Plesser

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Keeping Things Transparent:  Tech Confidential is published by The Deal, which is a client of Plesser Holland, the public relations firm I started way back in 1992.