I caught up with Mike Hudack last night at the NewTeeVee screening event in New York.   Mike was proud as could be with the day’s news that Rocketboom would use Blip.TV to host and distribute its video files in a number of formats.

Rocketboom founder Andrew Baron blogged about this yesterday.

In a significant development for online video advertising, Blip.TV will be inserting overlay ads into QuickTime files.  The insertion of dynamic ads into downloadable media is not new, but the use of overlay ads in these files is, as far we can determine.  (Please comment below if you have any other knowledge of this.)

These overly ads will be going into several shows on Blip.TV including Rocketboom and Beet.TV

Congrats to Mike and the team over at Blip. 

Here’s the embed code of the interview.

Here’s a little write-up of the party by CNET’s Caroline McCarthy in her must read for Silicon Alley insiders, "the social" blog. 

— Andy Plesser