A total deconstruction and analysis of the Apple iPhone has been published in MIT’s Technology Review.  The article features an elegant Flash slide show, demonstrating the various components and their functions.  The final image is shown above.

The authors don’t provide instructions on how unlock the phone to change settings and carriers, a concern raised yesterday by Apple in a statement.  Here’s the story published today in the New York Times.

But for the geeks among us who are interested in what’s inside the device, the article is quite instructive.

Speaking of MIT, I’m heading up to Cambridge tomorrow to attend the Emerging Technology Conference.  I hope to catch up with Kevin Rose, Microsoft legendary engineer Charles Simonyi and others.  Should be great.  The conference gets underway today.  Try to make it if you can.  I’ll be set up all day in the lobby of Kresge Auditorium, so please stop by to say hi.

Great Party, Beautiful Video, No Streaming Audio 🙁

For those of you watching Beet.TV live last night, my apologies for our technology problems in streaming the NewTeeVee event in New York.  Apparently the streaming program identified the microphone in my laptop and not the camera mic. so, there was no decent audio.   Good news is that I taped all the interviews and we have some really good material to share over the next few days.  Congrats to Liz Gannes and the crew for a successful event.

— Andy Plesser