Rocketboom, the pioneering online video show, has moved its video distribution to Blip.TV according to a report on NewTeeVee. Marshall Kirkpatrick give an overview of the space.

In addition to handling video distribution, Blip.TV will sell advertising sponsorship and manage advertising overlay insertions into the video stream. 

Rocketboom has a sponsorship promoting the Sarah Silverman Show on Comedy Central.

Andrew explains this all in his post today.

Beet.TV is also hosted by Blip.TV.  Just last week, overlay ads for our sponsor VeriSign, were inserted into our 375 clips.

All the best to Andrew Baron and the team at Blip.TV for much success.

Below is my interview with Andrew from a year ago.  He explains the viral growth of Rocketboom.  Check it out:

— Andy Plesser