For The NBCUniversal Local Stations, Shift To Impressions Would Help Unify Platforms

LAS VEGAS – Amid the wave of technological change sweeping the television industry, the NBCUniversal local stations believe that a measurement change to impression-based from cost based on ratings points for local TV would enable it to better unify content across platforms. “Media everywhere except for local TV and local radio is measured in impressions […]


Vice Sticks With Its Strategy To Beat Ad Blockers

LAS VEGAS — The number of publishers choosing to bar users running ad-blocking software is growing by the day. Ad agency holding group WPP’s digital president has asked more publishers to do the same. Vice Media recognizes the problem – but it doesn’t want to tackle it in quite the same way. “This is troubling for […]


Digitization Of TV ‘Not For The Faint Of Heart”: FTI’s Hanlon

LAS VEGAS – While witnessing the digitization of television is “not for the faint of heart,” near-term agreement on multiple viewer measurement currencies is a step in the right direction for the digital and TV camps, says consultant Tim Hanlon. Hanlon, who is Managing Director of FTI Consulting, brings to the playing field decades of […]


Single Insertion Order Is Operative’s Vision For Convergence

LAS VEGAS – At the end of the road to television convergence—beyond advertising stacks, ad pricing and viewing metrics across devices—lays a single insertion order. So easy to imagine but so very elusive in the here and now, in the view of Lorne Brown, who was chosen this month to head the new Digital Committee […]


NAB’s PILOT Guides Broadcasters To Next Generation Of TV Standards

LAS VEGAS – As matchmakers go, few are busier than the PILOT group within the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), as the trade organization continues to help develop standards that enable local television broadcasters to keep pace with technology and viewing habits. To PILOT Executive Director John Clark, the concept of what a local broadcaster […]


Everyone Wants A Stake In Over-The-Top Viewing: Brightcove

LAS VEGAS – Virtual reality and 360-degree videos might be the sexy new things, but Brightcove is happy to keep pace with the needs of over-the-top (OTT) streaming video services—some three dozen of which launched in the last year. Brightcove used the occasion of the 2016 NAB Show to showcase its cloud transcoding for Ultra […]


WatchESPN: Get Ready For ‘Live Moments’ On All Viewing Devices

LAS VEGAS – Brand marketers should spend more time trying to figure out how to engage with consumers as they are viewing live sports events than they do thinking about which devices are providing the viewing experience. This has been one of the takeways for WatchESPN, which offers all of the live, streaming services of […]


NAB Digital Committee Chair: Standards, Yield Curves Intertwined

LAS VEGAS – While the convergence of television and digital media requires much desired industry standards for viewing metrics to effectively sell advertising, with such standards will come the need for media companies to address yield curves across platforms. “That’s something that everyone’s taking very seriously when they’re talking about this idea of coexistence of […]


Cablevision: Addressable TV For Each And Every Advertiser A ‘Misnomer’

Almost a decade into its work with addressable television, Cablevision Systems Corp has learned that long-tail networks can greatly over index the biggest networks for reaching audiences with particular attributes and that not all households want scented products. The key takeaway for Ben Tatta, President of Cablevision Media Sales, is that addressable TV is not […]


Bloomberg Sees Cross-Platform Deals Constrained By Agency Buying Process

True cross-platform digital video advertising deals can emerge only when agencies change the way they now plan and buy content for their clients, according to Bloomberg Media’s David Bickford. “If you buy a spot on TV you are trafficking that spot,” Bickford says in a recent interview with Beet.TV. “But a digital video purchase is […]


CNNgo By The Numbers: 9.5 Million Hours Views In March

LAS VEGAS — Over the years, CNN’s online video strategy has ranged from the free to the paid, the locked-down to the open-access, to the in-between. The latest strategy sits in the latter camp, after CNN launched CNNgo – with access to its live stream plus on-demand shows – back in 2014. So how is CNNgo […]


Bloomberg’s Bickford Sees TV Ads Held Back By Lack Of Data

Bloomberg Media wants all its outposts to remain free. That’s going to require continued advertiser finance. So it’s no wonder the company is frustrated with the state of TV ad sales. Bloomberg TV sales head David Bickford wants to teach the old dog of telly some new tricks – namely, the kind of measurement and […]


NAB’s New Digital Group Must Fill Data Gaps: Cablevision’s Tatta

On the eve of a special digital-only meeting at the National Association of Broadcasters’ (NAB) Show in Las Vegas, one cable operator has urged it to solve TV’s data problem. The NAB is has tabled a Digital Summit, including assembling a board to tackle the issue – namely, how to standardize measurement and reporting mechanisms for quantifying viewership […]


New NAB Group Aims To Wrestle Back TV Data Measurement

A new world is coming in to view, in which TV broadcasters will be able to help ad buyers target viewers more precisely. The only problem, TV broadcasters may not be in the picture. That’s why the US industry’s umbrella body, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), is convening members to gain control. For the NAB Show at […]