Rubicon’s Katsur: Three Years Until Premium Video Supply Meets Demand

Typically, publishers want to gain “premium” prices for their advertising spaces, selling unsold spots as “remnant” space. But Project Rubicon business operations SVP Anthony Katsur says they often don’t know which should be which. “Publishers need to better understand the inventory that should be allocated to premium and higher CPMs versus what should they monetize through secondary […]


France’s ‘Teads’ Takes Video Ads Beyond The Pre-Roll

We all know that web publishers are dead-set on scooping up dollars in the video advertising race. But many are struggling to create enough new video content to put the ads on. So US-bound French ad-tech outfit Teads is helping them run video ads, outside of videos. Sure, Teads helps publishers serve in-stream ads in […]


CPG Brands Marrying Real-Time Data with Creative, SMG’s Namruti

COLOGNE — Fast-moving consumer packaged goods companies are among the brands that are making the most of using real-time data to inform creative messaging, says Thaer Namruti, SVP Data and Analytics in Europe at Starcom MediaVest Group in an interview with Ashley J. Swartz for Beet.TV at DMEXCO. “The role of technology is to act as an […]


SMG’s Jacob on Consumer Behavior and Brand Experiences

COLOGNE –  Two of the biggest trends for marketers lie in consumer behavior and technology, says Iain Jacob, President of Dynamic Markets for Starcom MediaVest Group, in an interview with Ashley J. Swartz for Beet.TV from DMEXCO. “We talk to millenials and their expectation of what a brand does has fundamentally changed. They expect brands to service their […]


Xaxis’ Grether: Programmatic Video Stragegy Differs Between U.S. and Europe

COLOGNE — It may be a global industry, but advertisers in the US and Europe exhibit different approaches to the programmatic, automated ad targeting prospect that is now revolutionizing video ad buying, says one company in the know. “In the US, it’s all about performance,” Mark Grether, COO of Group M’s in-house data targeting agency […]


Programmatic Lures New Lifestyle Buyers, says Zoopla’s Steph Miller

COLOGNE — The rise in programmatic buying tactics is helping the UK-based property portal Zoopla to land new lifestyle-centric brands, says Steph Miller, the programmatic trading manager at Zoopla in an interview with Ashley J. Swartz for Beet.TV from DMEXCO. Programmatic advertising has helped lure auto and travel marketers, in addition to insurance and mortgage companies, because […]


Videoplaza CEO: Up To Half Of German Ads Being Blocked

COLOGNE — In Germany, top-tier publishers still exert more collective power over online rivals – but that doesn’t make them immune from their own empowered customers. In this video interview, video ad management company Videoplaza CEO Sorosh Tavakoli tells Beet.TV ad blocking is a big problem in the country: “We’re seeing up to 50% of […]


Marketing Decisions Moving to Company Technology Officers, Medialink’s Kassan

COLOGNE  — Marketing decision are becomingly increasingly technology driven and that creates challenges for companies who have long relied on the role of marketing executives, says Michael Kassan, CEO of the U.S. media advisory firm  Medialink, in this interview with Ashley J. Swartz for Beet.TV We spoke with him last week at the AOL booth […]


With One Billion Minutes of Video Ads Served in August, Bests Google by 3X, comScore, the online video advertising platform, served one billion minutes of video ads in August,  more than three times as many as Google, comsCore reported late Friday in its summary of U.S. video sites and video ad platforms for August. In the rankings, pulled past BrightRoll  to serve the second highest number of  video […]


PRISM Revelations Hurting Advertisers’ Efforts in Europe, GroupM’s Montgomery

COLOGNE — The US PRISM data snooping controversy has hampered efforts to argue against European ad-targeting rules that are already too onerous, says GroupM Interaction COO John Montgomery.   GroupM is the media agency  holding unit of WPP. “The US is trying to support self-regulation – we’re trying to avoid any form of legislation by regulating […]


AOL’s Lord: Machines Will Take Over Madison Ave Like They Did Wall Street

COLOGNE — Don’t call it “Rise Of The Machines”, but AOL’s new ad chief reckons real-time ad bidding algorithms will soon do much of the grunt work currently done by Mad Men and women. In this video interview with Beet.TV at the DMEXCO industry conflab, AOL Networks’ Bob Lord says: “Traders on the floor (of Wall […]


Videology’s Jana Eisenstein: Video Programmatic is Big in Europe, RTB is Next

COLOGNE – While the automation of  buying and selling of video inventory in Europe has become well established, the introduction of real-time bidding is still some months away, says Jana Eisenstein, Director of Publishers Services at Videology, the U.S. video adtech firm. In this interview with Ashley Swartz, the London-based executive gives provides an overview […]


AOL’s ‘AdTech’ Unit Targeting Premium Publishers for RTB

COLOGNE — The emergence of real-time, programmatic online ad buying is usually seen as a race toward cheaper ad pricing and, therefore, appealing more to lower-tier publishers. But, speaking to Beet.TV at DMEXCO, the CEO of AOL’s ad server business, AdTech, says he is hoping to appeal to bigger publisher brands, some of which are […]


Dispatch from Cologne: Why DMEXCO is Essential, Ashley Swartz

COLOGNE –  DMEXCO, a two-day conference here, is the world’s biggest adtech industry gathering, with a thousand exhibitors and 24,000 attendees.  Virtually all the major  ad agencies, trading desks and technology providers are here, reports Ashley Swartz, founder of the New York-based consultancy Furious Minds and a regular contributor to Beet.TV Swartz outlines a number […]


AOL’s ‘Marketplace’ Launching Across Europe, Asia Next

COLOGNE — Earlier this year, AOL launched Marketplace, a supply-side ad platform allied to its Adtech ad-serving business that helps premium publishers sell their non-reserved ad spots. Then, the launch happened only in the US and UK. But now AOL is green-lighting Marketplace across Europe. “This is about giving publishers the controls and the choices […]


AOL Launches Video Insight Tool to Provide Deep Data on Views

COLOGNE — Everyone in media nowadays is eager for more data to inform their business. Now AOL is hoping to bring more data to every part of the video value chain, launching a new tool called Insights. “There’s such a big gap right now,” AOL Networks international SVP René Rechtman tells Beet.TV in this video […]