Typically, publishers want to gain “premium” prices for their advertising spaces, selling unsold spots as “remnant” space. But Project Rubicon business operations SVP Anthony Katsur says they often don’t know which should be which.

“Publishers need to better understand the inventory that should be allocated to premium and higher CPMs versus what should they monetize through secondary channels,” says Katsur.

“Publishers are still experiencing a lot of CPM erosion because a lot of the inventory is going out though real-time channels.”

Beet.TV’s Ashley J. Swartz interviewed Katsur earlier this year at the DMEXCO conference in Cologne, when Katsur was CEO of Maxifier, a service bringing a variety of optimization processes to bear, to try helping publishers understand the value of each channel.

Asked when available supply of premium video ad space would meet booming advertiser demand, the ad tech veteran says: “If I had to guess, two to three years. There’s a massive amount of demand for premium video now. It’s a very illiquid market. We’re a few years away from that.”