COLOGNE — It may be a global industry, but advertisers in the US and Europe exhibit different approaches to the programmatic, automated ad targeting prospect that is now revolutionizing video ad buying, says one company in the know.

“In the US, it’s all about performance,” Mark Grether, COO of Group M’s in-house data targeting agency Xaxis, tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“In Europe, it’s much more about branding; upper-funnel tactics – therefore, we see much more programmatic buying in the video space. In Germany, our business is almost 70% video; in Spain, it’s 80%.”

Speaking at the DMEXCO video industry conflab, Grether tells interviewer Ashley Swartz, CEO of Furious Minds, he wants to measure online video campaigns in the same way everyone has always measured TV ad campaigns.

And Xaxis used DMEXCO to launch Xaxis TV, a tool that brings “broadcast-like quality” to online planning.