COLOGNE — The rise in programmatic buying tactics is helping the UK-based property portal Zoopla to land new lifestyle-centric brands, says Steph Miller, the programmatic trading manager at Zoopla in an interview with Ashley J. Swartz for Beet.TV from DMEXCO. Programmatic advertising has helped lure auto and travel marketers, in addition to insurance and mortgage companies, because of the ability to buy audiences now, she explains.

Zoopla is a property portal with property listings around the world, though most are the in the UK. The publisher counts about one billion impressions each month and now sells about 70% to 80% on a programmatic basis, she tells Beet.TV. “[People come to the site] because something has triggered them to move. They had a baby or got married or got a promotion or want to release some equity in their property and we offer an opportunity to put advertisers in front of that user,” she says. She also talks about challenges and opportunities in using the IAB’s rising star ad formats and in ads in apps.

For more insight into how this global publisher approaches programmatic buying, check out this video interview.


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