We all know that web publishers are dead-set on scooping up dollars in the video advertising race. But many are struggling to create enough new video content to put the ads on. So US-bound French ad-tech outfit Teads is helping them run video ads, outside of videos.

Sure, Teads helps publishers serve in-stream ads in to their videos as well. But its other formats include animated video in-line with text articles, social streams and images, and can make video in to paywall currency.

In this video interview with Furious Minds CEO Ashley J. Swartz for Beet.TV, Teads’ business development head Pierre De Grandmaison says Le Monde, claiming 300 million monthly page views, is one of the news publishers Teads tech is powering.

“We’ve integrated our formats where they get around 50 million completed video views a month without creating any new video content,” he says.

“News publishers see that display advertising is just not growing that fast. They all need to go more in to video advertising.”

Teads just took on $5.2 million in funding to expand to the United States, writes MediaPost. Other Teads users include Reuters, The Financial Times and The Guardian.