COLOGNE –  Two of the biggest trends for marketers lie in consumer behavior and technology, says Iain Jacob, President of Dynamic Markets for Starcom MediaVest Group, in an interview with Ashley J. Swartz for Beet.TV from DMEXCO. “We talk to millenials and their expectation of what a brand does has fundamentally changed. They expect brands to service their needs,” he explains. “The second piece is the technology that allows brands to do that. Focus on those two things before you get too stuck into technology X, technology Y, technology Z.”

These trends typify the changes in the ad business as it becomes more global. “The agencies in developed markets are moving from an incumbent model where we were the planners and buyers of media to building experiences for people around brands,” Jacob says. Programmatic buying plays a role because it enables better targeting and retargeting for brands.

For more insight into technology, programmatic buying and branding experiences, check out this video interview.