Programmatic’s Next TV Odyssey Is Going Live: Magnite’s Buckley

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The on-demand TV industry has leaned heavily toward streaming and programmatic ad trading. But the next big area to light-up could be live streaming TV. Sean Buckley, chief revenue officer at sell-side platform Magnite, explains the evolution of the business so far, and what could be coming next in this […]


The Nexus Is CTV: Roku’s Fisher Re-Fashions The Funnel

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Roku is getting more creative and attempting to offer advertisers more certainty over outcomes, in a climate in which marketer spending is coming under pressure. The company is one of the leading gateway platforms to connected TV programming, used by more than 70% of US cord-cutters, and has a large […]


Tubi Goes On Growing, Plans More Sport: Fitch

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — After a year in which it created a FIFA World Cup FAST channel and saw more viewer growth, Tubi plans to “lean in” further on sports programming. The free, ad-supported TV (FAST) service, in its own latest annual report, says 2022 total viewing time (TVT) was up 44% annually. In […]


Converged Video Is Key to Reaching Consumers: GroupM’s Mike Fisher

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Television viewership is evolving as more households connect the consoles to the internet and many younger consumers think of video as a mobile-first experience on app such as TikTok. Advertisers have to be mindful of these changes as they seek to engage potential customers. “Converged video is arguably the most […]


Keep It Simple: How Madhive Welcomes Local Advertisers To CTV

SAN JUAN, PR — When Craig Berlingo gives local advertisers new super-powers, he doesn’t necessarily want them to have to read an instruction manual. The marketing capabilities on offer through new connected TV services are a step-change from traditional local advertising norms. But Berlingo, CPO, Madhive, says it is imperative ad-tech can simplify those powers […]


OpenX Goes Net-Zero And Gets Closer To Publishers

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Amongst the copious terminology which is so commonplace in digital advertising, a new one joined the ranks over the last year. “Supply-side targeting” is reckoned to encompass the different ways in which ad-tech can enable targeting capabilities for publishers and around publishers’ own content or inventory, rather than audience-based targeting. […]


The ‘Triple Win’: FreeWheel’s Loria Sees Half Of OTT Growth From ‘Astronomical’ FAST TV

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — The media business pendulum may now be around half-way between subscription video and free streaming TV. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Katy Loria, Chief Revenue Officer, FreeWheel, says 50% of growth in over-the-top TV viewing is coming from FAST – free, ad-supported TV services. Loria says that is going […]


Linear TV, Streaming Video Work Together to Reach Consumers: CBS’s Radha Subramanyam

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Television audiences have more control over the viewing experience than ever before as they connect a variety of devices to the internet to do everything from bingeing on a series to watching live sports. “What we’re really encouraged to see, because now we have a few years of data against […]


Brands Want More Transparency in Automated TV Ad Buying: OMD’s Georgina Thomson Chats With Joanna O’Connell

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The digital transformation of the TV advertising marketplace is generating more data about media-buying activity, but what’s needed are standards for how to classify the information. Accepted definitions of content genres and other data would help. “We’ve done a lot of good work to access that data and have it […]


Data Clean Rooms Enable Privacy-Compliant Audience Targeting: TelevisaUnivision’s Brian Lin

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – People’s concerns about privacy and stricter regulations on data sharing are pushing brands, agencies and media companies to adopt data clean rooms. The technology helps to match data records without sharing the information, helping advertisers to harness first-party data when working with media companies such as Spanish-language broadcaster TelevisaUnivision. “We’ve […]


Newer Video Ad Formats Compress Purchase Funnel: OMD’s Georgina Thomson

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The television audience is growing more fragmented as viewers divide their time among a wider selection of streaming platforms and connected devices. The growth in streaming also is driving grater experimentation with ad formats, including those that give viewers a way to respond quickly and easily. “There’s really a lot […]


How Alt Currency Contenders Could Win The Race: VideoAmp’s Chasin

SAN JUAN, PR — The new era of TV advertising looks likely to be measured by a multitude of providers, not just the historic single outfit. In that kind of competitive landscape, how are any of the contenders – like, VideoAmp and others – going to stand out? In this video interview with Beet.TV, […]


Digital Formats Are Transforming Outdoor Ads: OAAA’s Anna Bager

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Many technology companies whose revenue comes from digital advertising have cut jobs in the past year, partly reversing two years of rapid hiring to keep up with the strong growth in streaming and online shopping during the pandemic. Outdoor advertising has seen opposite trends, bouncing back as brands seek to […]


Embrace The Market: PubMatic’s Scaglione Says Programmatic Can Fuel TV

SAN JUAN, PR — Many in the TV industry have historically seen the idea of programmatic trading and biddable inventory as potentially devaluing their ad yield. But what is the latest in programmatic technology could do the opposite? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Nicole Scaglione, Global VP, CTV & OTT, PubMatic, describes how some […]


True Ad Outcomes Are Measured With Sales: Affinity’s Damian Garbaccio

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Marketers for years have fretted that they weren’t sure whether their advertising was working. With every refinement to media measurement, the goal has been to pinpoint what exactly motivated a consumer to buy something again and again. “The progression has always been to measure more and more outcomes,” Damian Garbaccio, […]


Through M&A, MNTN Scales Into ‘Creative As A Subscription’

SAN JUAN, PR — With tools in their hands to build, buy and target ads, a new generation of TV advertiser is embracing the connected TV (CTV) screen. By and large, the flexibility and power they are discovering from the channel is beckoning smaller companies than were traditionally platformed by linear TV. In this video […]


Media JIC Must Be Inclusive of Diverse TV Audiences: TelevisaUnivision’s Daniel Aversano

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Major media companies and advertising agency holding companies are coming together in the recently formed Joint Industry Committee to help set standards for ad transactions in cross-platform premium video. Spanish-language broadcasting giant TelevisaUnivision wants to ensure that these standards adequately reflect the growing Hispanic audience. “There are still hundreds of […]


Clean Rooms’ Second Wave: Easier Onboarding & Cross-Room Orchestration

SAN JUAN, PR — After a year that has seen intense chatter about new data “clean room” technology, the category needs to push forward with simplification. The software allows ad buyers, publishers and others to integrate and develop insights from respective data sets without breaking privacy rules. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Alice Stratton, […]


Back To The Future: Xumo’s Condon On FAST’s TV Time Machine

SAN JUAN, PR — Why new free, ad-supported TV (FAST) services may seem like they are defining a new media model, ad-supported TV was the way much of TV always used to be. Over the last decade, and largely as a response to how the 2009 economic crash hit advertising, subscription video services became the […]


Sharing Our Learnings About Currencies Helps TV Ad Market: Paramount’s Michele Stone

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The upfront sales season for media companies this year is expected to include a more diverse group of measurement companies whose data help to set the value of advertising transactions, or what are known as currencies. Media giant Paramount last month distributed a manual at the Beet Retreat San Juan […]

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