SAN JUAN, PR — Many in the TV industry have historically seen the idea of programmatic trading and biddable inventory as potentially devaluing their ad yield.

But what is the latest in programmatic technology could do the opposite?

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Nicole Scaglione, Global VP, CTV & OTT, PubMatic, describes how some execs are waking up to the power of modern programmatic to push TV forward.

Changing the story

Speaking at the Beet Retreat in Puerto Rico, Scaglione described one speaker from a TV publisher who had seen positive results from programmatic marketplaces. Her takeaway – more of those companies should make buying signals transparently available.

“There’s this belief that buyers won’t buy something if you give them that exact specific piece of data, they’re going to cherry pick (their sources),” Scaglione says.

“This publisher was articulating that, if we share what we know, it will help increase the value.

“You can design a marketplace around that, with pricing that protects the value of it, that keeps people from cherry picking.

“We have so much flexibility in programmatic … you can actually create another model whereby buyers can get what they want and publishers can also get what they want.”

Programmatic and beyond

Programmatic tech first emerged in digital display inventory as a means to sell out remnant or low-grade inventory through means of auctions.

The tech has advanced significantly, through things like programmatic-guaranteed scenarios and private marketplaces.

Scaglione doesn’t think advanced, human-driven ad buying through upfront deals is going to go away. But she is convinced marketplaces can push connected TV (CTV) forward.

Marketplaces move markets

“There’s so much potential in in auctions, in marketplaces,” she says. “Publishers get a lot of value out of one-to-one deals, upfront deals, guaranteed deals, which are excellent and serve a really great purpose for both the buyers and the publishers.

“Buyers want more choice and control. They want more flexibility, they want the ability to buy the way they want to buy. Publishers have to believe that allowing them to do that will actually help them get more value out of the buying.

“Without publishers … loosening the reigns a little bit … it’s going to be hard to see the flywheel actually take flight.”

PubMatic for the people

PubMatic provides a software platform helping publishers to manage their inventory, optimize performance, and monetize across multiple channels, including programmatic, direct, and sponsored ad networks.

PubMatic’s technology services include advanced analytics and insights to help publishers make informed decisions regarding their digital advertising inventory; ad serving and delivery to ensure optimal performance; and a demand-side platform (DSP).

The company’s programmatic offering includes access to a range of advanced technologies and a variety of premium digital inventory sources, including in-app, video, mobile web, and display formats, across desktop, tablet, connected TV and mobile devices.

PubMatic also offers buyers the ability to access multiple data sources to gain insights into target audiences; the ability to optimize campaigns in real-time; access to machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve targeting accuracy; and access to predictive analytics to optimize campaigns.

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