3A’s of Television Advertising Are Attention, Addressability and Automation: Paramount’s Julian Zilberbrand

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Marketers want to know not only that their advertising is being delivered through media channels, but also that it’s affecting consumer behavior. Increasingly, these insights include measurements of people’s attention to advertising. Paramount – whose media brands include CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon and Showtime, along with streaming platforms […]


The Multi-Currency World Is Really Here: Mediahub’s Piner

SAN JUAN, PR — After much talk, the era of multi-currency TV planning may really be dawning. That is just in time for an industry that is seeing more and more publishers light-up advertising channels. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Michael Piner, EVP, Advanced Advertising, Mediahub Worldwide, says what is changing. Embracing ads “You […]


Captive In The Car: T-Mobile’s Thomas Takes The Un-Carrier’s Ads On The Road

SAN JUAN, PR — What could be more mobile than a mobile? For a growing number of advertising enablers, the answer is “cars”. As Uber and Lyft grow their own in-car and in-app advertising businesses, T-Mobile, too, has got in on the action. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Cherian Thomas, Head of Marketing & GTM, […]


Brands Deserve Bigger Role in Currency Debate: VideoAmp’s Michael Parkes

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Buyers and sellers of television advertising are working through a period of major disruption in how they set the value of their transactions, or what is known as a currency. The growth in streaming has spurred a need for a currency that helps advertisers to compare digital video with traditional […]


Cross-Platform Measurement Is Key Priority as Local Ads Drive Outcomes: Madhive’s Kristin Wnuk

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Advertisers have many ways to reach consumers through multiple media channels, but comparing each platform’s value is still challenging. Setting the value of an ad transaction, or what’s known as a currency, is a necessary step in improving media plans. “We’re still not at a point where we know how […]


Consumer Insights Come From Data and Content: Spark Foundry’s Lisa Giacosa

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Marketers are swimming in data, especially as connected devices like mobile phones and smart TVs generate nearly endless information about consumers. The data are most valuable when they provide an accurate picture of people’s behavior. “When data is used correctly, what it enables us to do is to get to […]


CTV’s Second ‘Big Shift’ Lights Up ‘Performance Storytelling’ For LG Ad Solution’s Marlow

SAN JUAN, PR — After a few years in which many in the industry feared subscription media platforms would diminish the size of the ad hole, the sun is shining on ad-funded content again. The emergence of new, ad-supported video services, coupled with economic pressure on consumers, could conspire to drive further opportunity in ad-funded […]


Clean Rooms Need Connection: LiveRamp’s Clinger

SAN JUAN, PR — Little by little, more new TV ad inventory is becoming addressable, as new connected pathways light up IP-enabled streaming. But, even as this happens, is the industry really making the best use of the latest software? In this video interview with Beet.TV, one ad-tech exec warns one of the hottest tools […]


Uber’s New Formats Light Up Ad Screens, From Back Seat To Entrée

SAN JUAN, PR — To many, it is the app you use to book a cab or a meal. To Mark Grether, it is a gigantic new advertising opportunity. Uber claims 131 million people use its apps each month, and its Uber Advertising division is working to turn many of those screens into ad inventory. The […]


Infillion’s Baker Sees ‘Attention’ Key To Measuring Consumer-First Ad Experiences

SAN JUAN, PR — If your flashy TV ad aired during the Super Bowl, but half the country had gone to the bathroom, is it really so effective? Laura Baker is on a mission to do better. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Baker, SVP, Strategic Partnerships, Infillion, explains why the intersection of engagement and attention […]


This Time, It’s Different: Paramount Excited To Take Alt Currencies Beyond Ads

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — After years of trying, the TV industry’s long quest to embrace alternative measurement and currency methods has blossomed. Now it’s time to roll out the tech for the next upfront TV ad sales season. But Paramount doesn’t just want to use the new vendors to quantify cross-platform ad views – […]


TV Viewers Mull Switching From Subs To Spots: Magnite Research

SAN JUAN, PR — In the current economy, and with the current state of subscription TV services’ content slate, many in the industry have speculated that consumers will embrace new, free TV services. Now there are some data to prove it. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Sean Buckley, Chief Revenue Officer, Magnite, describes research the […]


Sling’s FAST Freestream Helps DISH Cover All The Bases: Arrix

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — The company which started as a satellite specialist has a more diverse channel offering than its founders might ever have imagined. On February 9, National Cut The Cord Day, DISH launched Sling Freestream, its latest digital TV service. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kevin Arrix, SVP, DISH Media, explains […]


Simulmedia’s Morgan On 2023 Macro Media Shifts

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Legal papers filed in Washington, DC, may feel like million miles away from the shores of Puerto Rico. But, for Dave Morgan, founder and CEO of Simulmedia, they were top of mind all the same. Speaking at Beet Retreat 2023 San Juan, Morgan described how he sees the shifting tides […]


While Streaming Surges, Programmatic Is Becoming Invisible: Magnite’s Buckley

Some might say the marker of any great technology adoption is when the product fades into the background. That’s what Sean Buckley thinks is happening to programmatic, the collection of technologies which ad up to automated and advanced digital ad trading. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Buckley, Chief Revenue Officer, Magnite, explains how he […]


Paramount Sharing Operational Blueprint with Publishers and Agencies to Help Industry Accelerate Transition to New Currencies

This year’s upfront sales season for media companies is expected to showcase a variety of innovations to help advertisers engage consumers among a variety of platforms. Media giant Paramount recently created a manual explaining how advances in viewership measurement help to set the value of ad transactions – or what is known as a currency […]


Local Is Cool Again: Madhive’s Marino On The New TV Ad Energy Center

Local TV is a hotbed of energy once again as MVPDs tool-up their offering, buyers grow more sophisticated and the wider environment calls for more spending. That’s according to one executive who has been close to the local market despite the last few years of national momentum. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Joe Marino, […]


TV Tooling-Up For Upfronts With Alternative Measurement: VideoAmp’s Parkes

Warner Bros Discovery, Paramount and TelevisaUnivision were just the start. Ad-tech provider VideoAmp says more TV will soon sign up to use its product to measure their cross-screen viewing. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Michael Parkes, President, VideoAmp, explains what is coming next. Coming soon “There’s more partnerships to announce soon,” Parkes says. “We’re […]


For T-Mobile, The New Mobile Advertising Is In-Car

A year after it acquired a rideshare advertising network, T-Mobile has hopes it could be used to power ads in autonomous vehicles. In January 2022, T-Mobile acquired Octopus Interactive, the national network of interactive video screens inside Uber and Lyft vehicles. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Cherian Thomas, Head of Marketing & GTM, T-Mobile […]


Ecosystem Enhancements On Clinger’s Beet Retreat Agenda

It is an ad-tech world some think is beset by “fragmentation” problems. But Travis Clinger sees that world coming together in a spirit of collaboration and interoperability. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Clinger, SVP, Activations & Addressability, LiveRamp, says the upcoming Beet Retreat 2023 San Juan is the place where a better ecosystem could […]

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