“Frequency is a Nightmare’ – Blockboard’s Timothy on How Blockchain Tech Can Fix CTV

Matt Timothy, EVP, Sales & Marketing, Blockboard likened the situation to being a sales executive. If the same person calls on an agency with the exact same pitch five times in a row, “you’d throw me out after the second meeting,” he said. But for some reason, in TV, too many brands are allowing consumers […]


Rishad Tobaccowala: The Advertising Value Exchange “Sucks” for Consumers

TV consumers are getting a very bad deal. But digital consumers are getting exploited. Those were some of the takeaway from Rishad Tobaccowala, senior advisor Publicis, when he was asked about the state of the seemingly implicit value exchange between people are getting brands. “It isn’t as fair and as even as people anticipated,” he […]


Instacart Sees Retail Media Graduating to Upper Funnel Tactics: Miller

Companies like Instacart have built huge ad businesses quickly, in large part due to their ability to drive immediate transactions right on their platforms. In fact Insider Intelligence pegs Walmart (42%) and Instacart (41%) as the two fastest growing ad vehicles in 2023. In a recent episode of Next in Media, Ali Miller, Instacart’s vice […]


Spotify May Use Tech From ‘Top Gun Maverick’ to Power AI Audio Ads: Vaughn

For a time, it was hard to tell just how serious Spotify was about advertising. Today, it seems increasingly clear the Swedish company wants to follow the Facebook and Google playbook. When it launched in the US, Spotify seemed fixated on using its advertising business to drive subscriptions. But overt the past few years, the audio giant […]


Roku Wants to Build the Ad Tech Platform for All of CTV: Miles Fisher

Roku is one of the top sellers of connected TV advertising. The company would like to become the main way the industry buys CTV – not just on Rokus. “We are a publisher and a platform,” Miles Fisher Sr. Director, Head of Growth & Platform Sales told me during a recent episode of my Next […]


CBS’ Subramanyam: Thinking About Scale and Addressability Together

The dream for many in CTV is that the emerging medium will finally allow for TV advertising to work just like digital advertising, where everyone is delivered a customized ad each time they log on. Radha Subramanyam president and Chief Research and Analytics Officer, CBS Corporation, has a question about that. “Is that what we […]


Habu’s Jon Suarez-Davis – Technology Isn’t Holding up Data Collaboration – It’s People

For a long time, the ad industry was playing catch up on data and technology. Today, according to Jon Suarez-Davis, Strategic Advisor for Habu, that’s no longer the case, as the technology for most sophisticated forms of collaboration and execution is in place. What’s holding up adoption, if anything, is people,  as well as the […]


Lou Paskalis: When it Comes to Ad Targeting, It’s Time to Rebuild

Digital ad targeting isn’t just going through change. It may be ceasing to exist as the we’ve has long known it. That, to Lou Paskalis CEO and Founder of AJL Advisory, is a a good thing, For too long, privacy and targeting have been at odds. In fact, according to Paskalis, the work targeting is […]


Fox’s Darren Sherriff on What Needs to Happen for National Addressable Ads on TV

The pieces are all there. TV has the data, the technology and the advertising interest in finally making national addressability a reality. It just need to play catch up to other media “We’re actually been behind,” Darren Sherriff, Vice President, Advertising Technology SolutionsVice President, Advertising Technology Solutions Fox Networks Group told Beet.TV. “what we’re trying to […]


Luma’s Terry Kawaja on Why Clean Room Companies May Not Make It as Solo Acts

NEW YORK – Terry Kawaja, CEO and founder of Luma Partners, knows the ad tech/martech ecosystem better than most. He’s not so sure there is room for a flurry – let alone a whole Lumascape slide worth – of clean room startups. “I have a mixed view on clean rooms,” Kawaja told Beet.TV. “Do you […]


Why Brands Should Look Beyond In-Game Advertising to Reach Gamers

Dario Raciti has been working on bringing more brands to video games for over a decade. He’s finally given up. Ok, not really. But Raciti, Managing Director of OMG’s Zero Code, said more recently that he’s been trying to steer more clients toward the massive viewership emanating from people watching other people playing games –  […]


Anzu: Advertising in Games is Easier Than You Think

Last year, the in-game ad tech company Anzu helped American Eagle launch a virtual store in Roblox. The Israeli-startup also announced a partnership with NBCUniversal. The message seemed clear – Anzu and in-game advertising gaming was ready to go big. But not every brand is ready to, or needs to, build out their own custom […]


Paramount’s Travis Scoles: TV Needs to Embrace Complexity While Breaking Down Silos

TV advertising is becoming more complicated. At the same time, TV ad buying and selling needs to become much simpler. That’s why Paramount is looking to bring together its sales teams to better reflect advertisers’ budgets and needs, while also striving to not over complicate things. Thus, the media giant is, “thinking about total video […]


The Company Behind Pokemon Go is Building a Social Network Centered on AR Games

You may know PokemonGo. But if Niantic has its way, Pokemon chasing will become a gateway to Campfire, a platform build around augmented reality and an eventually flood of new games. Among the new titles accessible via Campfire is NBA All World, which launched earlier this year. Players can embark on various challenges that blend […]


SuperAwesome: Why Marketers May Want to Think Twice Before Building a Branded Game

As gaming becomes more of a prominent ad vehicle, the list of examples of brands going big continues to grow. A retailer may build a virtual store in Roblox. Another might launch its own playspace in Fortnite, or even create a sports game timed for March Madness or the Super Bowl. These kinds of campaigns […]


Zynga: As Digital Identifiers Go Away, Game Genres Are a Good Proxy For Targeting

Mobile games are often ripe for programmatic advertising. But the mobile ad space has been rocked over the past few years, as Apple and others have cracked down brands on tracking consumers across different apps. Zynga has found gamer behavior to be a viable alternative solution. “I think mobile has the most traditional ad opportunities […]


Samsung Believes Its TVs Are The Next Gaming Big Platform: Samsung Ads’ Karl Meyer

Samsung doesn’t own a console, and it doesn’t make or publish any games like rivals Sony and Microsoft. But the company does have access to the biggest screen in the home. And because Sony has invested in a user interface that more and more customers use to navigate their connected TVs, the. company has an […]


Why Gaming May Change All Aspects of Advertising and Media: dentsu’s Sarah Stringer

What happens to your media expectations when you are used to being in control, and fully immersed? How does this change they way you expect to engage with advertising? These are some of the big questions marketers should be pondering, according to Sarah Stringer, EVP, Head of U.S. Media Partnerships, dentsu. While the metaverse may not […]


Publicis’ Samantha Lim on How Gaming’s Slow Evolution Mirrors Digital Media

“Where do I start?” “How do I enter in a way that’s authentic?” These are the kinds of questions Samantha Lim, Publicis’ SVP, Gaming Strategy and Innovation gets from marketers all the time. Brands are asking about how best to advertise in the vast gaming universe – but the questions and general uncertainty echoes that found […]


Activision Blizzard Wants to Erase the Gaming Boundaries

If there’s an easy entry point for marketers to crack gaming, it’s usually through mobile games. But that often comes with a tradeoff in quality – or it least has historically. Mobile games lend themselves to ads, which gamers are used to. But the big splashy opportunities in high end console titles – think mega […]

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