For a long time, the ad industry was playing catch up on data and technology.

Today, according to Jon Suarez-Davis, Strategic Advisor for Habu, that’s no longer the case, as the technology for most sophisticated forms of collaboration and execution is in place. What’s holding up adoption, if anything, is people,  as well as the sometimes slow willingness of big companies to institute change.

“Somewhere, we had a tipping point,” he told Beet.TV. “Technology isn’t the barrier right now.”

Instead it’s the hard internal work of establishing fimr use cases and protocols and other logistical obstacles that nearly every big company deals with.

The thing is, there isn’t much time to waste, according to Suarez-Davis. As cookies and other means of targeting consumers online go away, “clearly the end is in sight,” he said. “And so we simply need new data collaboration solutions.”

Over time, other than a company’s human capital, “data should be the most important asset for every company,” he said.

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