As gaming becomes more of a prominent ad vehicle, the list of examples of brands going big continues to grow.
A retailer may build a virtual store in Roblox. Another might launch its own playspace in Fortnite, or even create a sports game timed for March Madness or the Super Bowl.

These kinds of campaigns are certainly attention getting -and also resource demanding, Ryan Moore, Global Chief Revenue Officer at SuperAwesome, told Beet.TV.

That’s because making a game is a full time commitment, not a one off ad buy. “You really need to be prepared to maintain it like a live game,” he sad. “That’s hard for most brands.”
For certain marketers, it makes much more sense to target gamers when they are watching other players on Twitch and YouTube, or to work directly with developers, who can help weave a brands images and messages into existing games.
“That’s a path a lot of brands find much easier,” he said. “There is this enormous ecosystem around games.”
So for now, it may be time to put your brands’ dream of building the next Halo game on hold.
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