TV consumers are getting a very bad deal. But digital consumers are getting exploited.
Those were some of the takeaway from Rishad Tobaccowala, senior advisor Publicis, when he was asked about the state of the seemingly implicit value exchange between people are getting brands.

“It isn’t as fair and as even as people anticipated,” he said. In fact, right now, it “sucks.”

On linear TV, because of the oppressive ad load during many broadcasts, viewers are getting ‘paid’ less than the equivalent of minimum wage for an hour’s worth of time, Tobaccowala told Beet.TV

Still, at least with TV people get to watch content they presumably enjoy. On the web, “the value exchange doesn’t exist at all,” he said. “Online, they take three things from you: your time, all you content and networks, and they harvest all the data…That’s not a value exchange. that’s basically pillaging.”

Tobaccowala warns that younger generations are wise to this imbalance, and likely to push back over time. Brands need to take this into account, and radically shift gears when it comes to how they engage consumers online, he contends. Because right now, “the entire ad ecosystem is filled with a lack of trust.”

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