What happens to your media expectations when you are used to being in control, and fully immersed? How does this change they way you expect to engage with advertising?

These are some of the big questions marketers should be pondering, according to Sarah Stringer, EVP, Head of U.S. Media Partnerships, dentsu. While the metaverse may not quite be here – at least at the level some have theorized – gaming continues to suck up multiple generations’ time and world view, which will have major implications for media companies and brands.

“Immersive media, and interactive media will continue to rise,” Stringer told Beet.TV. “We’re starting to move away from the idea of passive media experiences and moving into narratives and content where people. are at the helm.”

So while the metaverse may not have infiltrated our lives just yet, clearly, non-participatory, 2D media isn’t going to cut it for younger generations – not will ads designed to be passively received. As for how brands get started, that’s the tricky part, since standards in immersive channels are still being established.

That’s why Stringer recommends that brands take the time they need to evaluate gaming channels thoroughly, and then test before going big.

“Don’t go into gaming because you think it’s the next fun thing to do,” she said. Rather, ask the question, “does it make sense for the behaviors of your audience?'”

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