Digital ad targeting isn’t just going through change. It may be ceasing to exist as the we’ve has long known it.

That, to Lou Paskalis CEO and Founder of AJL Advisory, is a a good thing, For too long, privacy and targeting have been at odds. In fact, according to Paskalis, the work targeting is ‘offensive.”

“I think we have to strike a balance,” he told Beet.TV. “Privacy is an opportunity to cultivate a relationship with consumers and differentiate our company from competitors.”

As regulators bear down, and tech giants are forced to change how they operate (and dictate how much of the digital ad business works), “It’s time we rebuild,” he said. “The old ways are not going to be around much longer.”

What about gathering as much first party data as a brand can? That won’t solve all the industry’s ills, either.  His solution runs counter to the industry’s conventional wisdom.

“The first party data panacea is a false god,” he said. “You need clean well-lit third party data.”

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