The pieces are all there. TV has the data, the technology and the advertising interest in finally making national addressability a reality.
It just need to play catch up to other media
“We’re actually been behind,” Darren Sherriff, Vice President, Advertising Technology SolutionsVice President, Advertising Technology Solutions Fox Networks Group told Beet.TV.
“what we’re trying to do is push addressability into our biggest and most scalable footprint.”
Sherriff imagines being able to do this sort of thing in NFL games, often the most watched broadcasts on all of television each year. “You’ll be able to find your pockets of audiences, he said. But to get there, “we need to push further, we need to push harder.”
What should helps are partnerships with the likes of Transunion and Experian.
The challenge, if there is one, is pushing addressability while also exploring multiple new currencies. Sherriff expressed confidence in the market’s ability to handle all this concurrent change.
“All programmers and publishers are doing our due diligence,” he said. “Everyone is trying to find the right balance.”