The dream for many in CTV is that the emerging medium will finally allow for TV advertising to work just like digital advertising, where everyone is delivered a customized ad each time they log on.

Radha Subramanyam president and Chief Research and Analytics Officer, CBS Corporation, has a question about that. “Is that what we want?” she said.

Do we want TV to end up like the display advertising business? “The answer is overwhelmingly no,” she told Beet.TV.

For starters, unlike digital, TV advertising is generally expensive and well produced. It’s likely both impractical to employ thousands of different ads at a given time,  the quality of the experience is likely to suffer, Subramanyam argued.

In her view, TV ad campaigns need to feature a mix of broad reach, targeted efforts and a mix of addressability.

“We don’t want to reduce the world to one ad for each of 8 billion citizens,” she said.

That said, the industry does need to be able to track its impact on par with digital advertising, which is well suited to track return-on-ad spend. TV has a ways to go on that front. Attribution,” Subramanyam said ‘hasn’t been as advanced as it should be.”