Matt Timothy,

But for some reason, in TV, too many brands are allowing consumers to be bombarded with the same ads again and again – particularly in CTV. “Frequency is a nightmare,” Timothy told Beet.TV

Ideally, ad technology and data gets to a place where brands are able to learn from each interaction with a consumer, and then adjust their messaging accordingly. So far, the industry is clearly not there. The hope, per Timothy, is that blockchain technology moves us closer to that world.

“We aim to harness the power of frequency,” he said. “We want to move from a mass reach to a personalized reach environment on the big screen.

When CTV becomes a place where performance advertising can thrive, that can bring a whole new set of demand to the medium. To get there, CTV needs to “reduce the opacity and reduce the fraud,” he said.

“There are a lot of positives from legacy TV,” he added. One of the negatives of legacy TV is the tyranny or media metrics…

“We think performance is the ultimate KPI.”